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Why choose a Domestic Air Cargo Management software for Agile Ground Handling operations?

The volume of air cargo being moved across the globe is ever-increasing and airports are finding it difficult to keep pace with the expansion in terms of infrastructure, manpower and automation levels. And, the lack of automated material handling systems is one of the key issues facing the global aviation sector. Digitalisation is the answer to all the present woes of the domestic air cargo industry and one that will enable it to be future-ready as well.


There is a lot to gain from going paperless, for all stakeholders of the air cargo supply chain. Data-driven decision making enables the entire supply chain to access data required to optimise efficiency. In such a scenario, there is a dire need for an end-to-end web-based domestic Air Cargo Management system which brings in collaboration, planning and process integration in cargo terminal operations.

GALAXY Domestic Air Cargo Management system ensures reduced dwell time and smooth Cargo movement for Domestic Cargo operations

Large economies across the world comprise of several domestic trade connections. These trade connections need a robust air cargo system to streamline and support smooth movement of domestic cargo. Be it perishables, high value goods or other miscellaneous goods, it is imperative that a web-enabled system that supports complete set of Inbound and Outbound cargo processes is placed to ensure operational competency. With GALAXY Domestic air cargo management system, users can experience such competency at their fingertips.


GALAXY Domestic supports complete automation of domestic air cargo handling, covering the entire outbound and inbound cargo process. It is a web-based system that enables end-to-end outbound cargo processing like acceptance, loading and departure (manifest); and inbound process right from flight arrival, flight check to finally placing cargo at the warehouse. It also covers transhipment and direct delivery processes. Its in-built invoicing and pricing engine enables auto generation of invoices to both agents as well as airlines.


The module encompasses outbound cargo processes such as acceptance; loading and departure manifest and takes care of inbound processes right from flight arrival to transfer of consignment to a storage facility, right through delivery of cargo. Comprehensive charge master maintained in GALAXY Domestic air freight software allows auto-generation of invoices for charge-line set. For intricate operations like transhipment, ULD management, service level management in compliance to AHM801, invoicing, mail and courier, GALAXY Domestic is the most preferred Airport Cargo Management system across domestic air cargo players.


Unique Functional Capabilities of GALAXY


GALAXY is one of the most unique cargo handling system in the world and the below capabilities are a testimony to its performance.

  • Warehousing – Interface with ETV / ASRS. Facility to configure airline-wise and SHC-wise cargo locations and alerts, configure airside and landside doors/docks as well as configure workstations/examination areas
  • Invoicing – Dynamic calculation of storage and handling charges, collect and CC fee, maintenance of credit accounts and payments, periodic invoicing for cash and credit customers/agents and record payments and issue receipts
  • SLA Management – SLA parameters can be managed for each airline. Online presentation of service level performance vis-à-vis the SLAs agreed to with the customer airline.
  •  ULD Management – The system enables sending of UCM (In & Out), Stock Check Message (SCM) & LUC messages. Capability to record ULD closure, record scale weight, and Contour code of ULD.
  • Dock-In / Dock-Out & Gate-In/Gate-Out – Record the Dock-In and Dock-Out information for all shipments against a Vehicle Control Ticket using a handheld device.
  • Auction/Disposal – Identify shipment dwell time at the warehouse post-flight arrival. View such records at a Master as well as at the House Air Waybill level.
  • Courier/mail – Seamlessly process Courier and Mail shipments along with cargo shipments. The user can capture the AV7/CN28 details, including the mail type.

Mumbai International Airport transforms its cargo handling process

GALAXY Domestic Air Cargo Management system ensures control and competency in Domestic Airport Cargo Management

  • Complete automation of domestic air cargo handling
  • Transact and track consignments on real-time basis
  • Interfacing with financial organisations like banks
  • Provision for processing transhipments, ULD management and Service Level Management
  • Comprehensive agent and airline invoicing system
  • Proactive alerts to prevent service failures
  • eDocket support
  • Customised business reporting through enterprise Business Intelligence tool
  • MIS reporting with more than 150 pre-set reports

Business Benefits

Operational automation

Thorough Visibility

Regulatory compliance

Third party interfacing

Quick ROI

Thought Leadership

for the article (African Air Cargo on the Growth Curve – IT to be Key Enabler). Add some more text.African Air Cargo on the Growth Curve – IT to be Key Enabler The current technology landscape in African Air Cargo industry is rife with obsolete legacy systems or inefficient, non-scalable manual operations.

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Client Speaks

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