Stevedoring Management System

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Enabling complete operational control to Stevedore agents with freight management software

Stevedoring is an important piece of the puzzle in reducing dwell time for container ships at ports. Streamlining these operations and optimising processes thus are essential to the effectiveness and success of this industry. This is where technology can play the role of enabler in this process.

CORVI – Stevedoring Operations Management solution allows Stevedore agents to optimise end-to-end stevedoring operations from loading to invoicing. It enables seamless transfer and exchange of data between stakeholders and drives strategic planning. It additionally provides for vessel planning, executes job orders and enables management of complex ship loading operations. CORVI is a state-of- the-art solution to manage all types of stevedoring operations like Containerised, RoRo, Bulk, Break Bulk and Tanker Vessel.

CORVI’s Stevedoring Operations Management system enables complete operational control

  • Tariff Management
  • Stowage plan & stowage sequence execution
  • Ability to integrate with ports & Customs
  • Shift planning for loading & unloading activity
  • Handheld based operation control & real time visibility
  • Daily disbursement reports
  • Financial analyser
  • Invoice generation

Business Benefits

Improved cost control

Complete operational control

Quick ROI

Real-time visibility

Improved customer service