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Empowering trade facilitation with enabling issuance of Electronic Delivery Order

Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders and several other maritime stakeholders are suffering due to staff shortage caused by COVID-19 spread. Realizing business continuity continues to be a major challenge as the maritime trade is still dominated by heavy documentation. Due to the same, risk of disease spreading risks are high among the stakeholders with paper touch points. To facilitate seamless Business Continuity during these tough times, Kale Logistics Solutions has come up with e-Services.


Under the e-services Kale facilitates e Delivery Order for Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders. This service reduces the heavy time consumption involved in document submission and approval process. E-DO services ensures reduced dwell time in clearance process, paperless & contactless trade, faster revenue reconciliation, secured as well as authorized transactions. Know more about e-DO Services.


Traditionally, global airlines and shipping lines permitted the pickup of imported cargo through a paper-based Delivery Order. The importer or his Customs Broker (CB) would submit a physical copy of the Delivery Order at the counter of the shipping line/airline, pay the charges, and hand over the paper copy of the Delivery Order to the warehouse operator at port/airport. However, this transaction involved manual exchange of physical copies. It also involved the importer/CB visiting offices of multiple carriers and consolidators, waiting for making payments and thereafter waiting for document approval.


Recognizing the need to ease and make this process more efficient, steps were taken by global Shipping Lines and Airlines in co-operation with warehouse operators to facilitate generation of the Delivery Order electronically in mutually agreed formats. This has enabled the entire process to be executed electronically, without the importer or CB having to visit multiple offices and waiting in the queues. Electronic Delivery Order (eDO) has been regarded as a crucial trade facilitation measure since its introduction in year 2015. It has resulted in complete elimination of physical copy of Delivery Order supporting paperless trade initiatives.

UPLIFT eDO Platform

With implementation of Kale Logistics’ eDO platform, global Shipping Lines and Airlines are able to issue Electronic Delivery Order at the earliest possible time. This has resulted in improvement on shipment dwell time, control on transactions, and elimination of cash transactions. Moreover, elimination of human intervention has also enabled to curb possibility of errors/malpractices.

Kale’s Electronic Delivery Order (eDO) system is enriched with following key features:

  • Real time visibility of Delivery Orders released in a secured manner by respective carrier
  • Ability to issue DO for multiple carriers on a single platform
  • Hassle free and password protected secure transactions
  • Efficient financial transactions through auto-calculation of DO fees and payment options to support successful payments
  • Online re-validation of expired/soon to expire DO

Business Benefits

Kale’s eDo system promises the following business benefits:

Secured & authorised view of DO

Paperless transactions eliminate possibility of error

Reduced dwell time in clearance process

Faster revenue realisation with online payments



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