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Enabling digital filing for cargo with eManifest

With an aim of increasing vigilance towards managing shipments, especially that of dangerous or potentially harmful goods, many countries have implemented automated (electronic) processes to ensure intricate screening of shipments. In this regard, a major transformative initiative was, modernizing and improving cross-border processes with the introduction of Electronic Manifest (eManifest).


Introduced as part of the Advance Cargo Information (ACI) initiative, eManifest requires carriers and freight forwarders to electronically transmit shipment information to country’s border agency in prescribed format, within specific time frames and in advance. Variations of electronic Manifest are being implemented by border service agencies across the globe.


With the transition from paper-based system to electronic transmission of information, organisations are already adopting customized solutions to ensure compliance to electronic Manifest (eManifest). Kale Logistics Solutions’ integrated eManifest filing system provides a robust and user-friendly solution for carriers and Freight Forwarders (FF), facilitating compliance with the latest filing mandate. The platform enables carriers and freight forwarders to file Import and Export manifest details to local Customs/security agencies as per prescribed EDI messaging formats.


The manifest received in various EDI formats is converted into the formats accepted by local Customs/security agencies. After inserting a digital signature, it is then submitted to the local Customs/security agencies. Upon receipt, the agencies generate acknowledgements. The system then forwards the same to respective carrier or freight forwarder.

Kale’s eManifest system enables reduced border delays and enhances efficiency of supply chain with these features:

  • Enables advance electronic filing of import manifest, enabling the Customs and various other agencies to achieve efficient operational planning
  • Accurate filing of exports manifest enables exporters to avail benefits from government under various exports incentive schemes without delays thereby facilitating cash flow management
  • Creates adequate bandwidth to plan for arrival of special cargo
  • Strengthens security, as authorities get equipped to handle suspicious movement of cargo
  • Supports multiple modes of communication with carriers and FF like e-mail, EDI etc.


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