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Harnessing the information in the logistics industry with knowledge-based managed logistics services

In today’s competitive world, operations surrounding Logistics industry have evolved from only ‘Cargo’ movement to movement of ‘Information and Cargo’. It is a well-known fact that enormous amount of paperwork is generated in the logistics industry and humongous amount of administrative data entry work goes in moving a shipment from shipper to consignee. This administrative work does not provide any value addition to an organization. Most logistics organizations would rather prefer to focus on value additions and get rid of administrative work with a Logistics Documentation Outsource system.


Kale Logistics Solutions realizes this need of the industry. By virtue of their industry experience and having pioneered several technologies, Kale Logistics Solutions has designed its suite of ‘PING’ services which would take away the burden of administrative work like documentation, audit, status tracking etc., from the logistics entity, thus allowing them to focus on core business activities. With a combination of machine learning and human supervision, PING’s Logistics Documentation Outsource system enables administrative tasks to be handled more efficiently, thereby reducing the overall costs for the end customer and delivering better value. PING service suites comprises of:

Document to EDI Converter Service

With increased focus on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for trade facilitation, most companies have to either absorb or send shipment data digitally to other stakeholders in supply chain. This service under PING extracts data from documents like commercial invoices, packing list, Air Waybill, Bill of Lading and converts the same into EDI messages, which are transmitted to airlines, shipping lines and other entities in the supply chain. This great innovation has increased the e-AWB adoption globally for our customers.

Thailand ’s leading provider of e -messaging saves up to 80 % on ENS/AMS filings

Trade Documentation Service

Kale offers comprehensive documentation services backed by extensive industry knowledge and experience. By integrating people, processes and technology, our documentation services enable users to experience lower operational costs, drive higher productivity and ensure data integrity. We handle the following services:


  • HBL preparation
  • Airway Bill/ House Airway Bill

Cargo Track and Trace Service

This service enables real-time visibility of cargo status for all modes of transport, covering both inbound and outbound transfer. It encompasses:


  • Collaboration with multiple stakeholders to determine shipment location
  • Automatic updates sent via email and SMS
  • Advise on delays and pre-arrivals
  • Increase in Cargo IQ compliance for air cargo

Rate Management Service

Kale’s services offer quick and comprehensive access to carrier rates be it for air, ocean, road or rail, along with round-the-clock support. It also covers:


  • Comprehensive multi-modal rate contract system
  • Rate validation and expiry
  • All-in one quote with GRI, market fee, surcharges etc.

Freight Audit Support

This service offers end to end Freight Audit by invoking contractual rates and comparing the same with the invoices received from the freight providing vendors. It has significant impact in cases involving vendor vehicles in road transportation operations. The service provides for:


  • Complete Freight Audit support though rate application, validation of conformance to contract validity and service agreements
  • Ability to define and change charges based on location, products and slab
  • Data upload facility via upload option in a configurable excel format

Business Benefits

PING has been designed keeping in mind the balance between service quality, costs and timeliness for a particular process. It helps the Logistics entity to:

Reduce overhead costs and improve revenues

Focus on core business functions

Digitize operations

Increase productivity and improve customer focus

Gain competitive advantage


In order to support GHAs with Business Continuity during COVID-19 lockdown, Kale is offering PING e-Services for use on the first 200 shipments for free. Click here to know more.

Thought Leadership

Our quarterly external industry newsletter ‘CRUX’ is our attempt to capture and present tacit Industry knowledge and trending ideas surrounding the IT Logistics Industry.

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Client Speaks

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