Vidya Batavale – Women challenging the status quo | Women in Kale

Vidya Batavale – Women challenging the status quo | Women in Kale

Adaptability is the most in-demand and overlooked skill in today’s world. 63 per cent of employers worldwide believe that identifying an adaptable employee is a challenge, as many do not consider it an essential skill.

Meet Vidya Batavale, Senior Quality Assurance Associate, working for Kale Logistics Solutions for over seven years. Since the beginning, she has been adapting to the changing IT environment and exuberating self-confidence, determination, and an unperturbed resilience. The same is propelling women into success stories in the technology industry. In this discussion, she looks at her journey and stumbles upon what she has achieved thus far in her professional life and how she managed to bring about the perfect work-life balance.

Initial days

“When I joined Kale, it was a new world to me. I was fresh out of college and was assigned a role in the testing team. While everything looked bleak, my Team Leader made everything seamless with his unwavering support. I never felt pressurised, and my team leader explained my work and domain in an extremely simple way, making it easy to understand. With all this support, I could perform well, “says Vidya.

Friendly atmosphere beyond the team

Talking about an inclusive environment, Vidya says, “The top management in Kale understands how diversity is essential. Creativity comes when two different work sets come together. There is always support and mentorship, not only from my immediate team but across our organization.

Work-life balance

“When we started working from home due to the pandemic, work was a little hectic. Even though we anticipated it, we found it difficult in the initial days. However, within the team, we coordinated so that we all worked efficiently every day. This way, we never felt the pressure. Hence, it all went way smoother than expected. Also, when I planned to quit for personal reasons, my team and the HR team intervened and gave me an option to take a break rather than quit. Such is the work culture of the organisation,” says Vidya.

Equal opportunities for women

Talking about why women should join Kale, Vidya says, “Throughout these ten years, I have always vouched for Kale and considered it as the best workplace for women. Why? The company has provided equal opportunities for women at all seniority levels, regardless of their marital status and having/not having children. The above factors do not limit women’s talent, ideas, potential, and work. We have an equal say in projects, and our views are equally respected.”

Vidya, an achiever

A few individuals are striving hard to achieve their goals and crushing all the odds. Vidya is one among them. Over the years, she complied with the work environment in Kale, and today she believes in going the extra mile. Such individuals are a true inspiration to every single individual. Finally ending, Vidya says, “A wide gender gap is palpable in the tech industry. We need to create inclusive environments for women.”



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