Kale Logistics Solutions ranks in top 30 companies with best team culture to foster innovation and employee engagement

Kale Logistics Solutions ranks in top 30 companies with best team culture to foster innovation and employee engagement

Mumbai, India, 3 October 2022: Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale) has ranked among the top 100 companies in the western region of India for its first-class business culture.

The tech solutions provider was awarded 28th position by employee healthcare platform Loop, which works with large companies to rank team cultures across India.

The award celebrates forward-thinking organizations that set up their employees to succeed and recognize how their people’s employment experience is fundamental to business performance.

“We are pleased to be recognized for this award that appreciates our journey towards making the culture of innovation and engagement accessible to everyone,” said Rajesh Panicker, COO and Co-founder of Kale Logistics Solutions.

“By building a culture of innovation we are enabling our employees all across the organization to take ownership of their domains and think up new ways to deliver better outcomes for customers.

“Our empowered employees, an enabling culture, and supporting structures, processes and technologies, along with our customer-centric mindset, help us drive our customers’ growth and transformation initiatives.”

Loop conducted a month-long employee satisfaction survey with 22,000 employees across more than 2,500 companies, which were evaluated on key metrics such as job satisfaction, growth opportunities, compensation, health benefits, and overall happiness.

Kale was recognized for its culture of innovation that welcomes new ideas from across the organization, which has led to the creation of an industry-leading portfolio of solutions and a differentiated position as the preferred digital transformation partner to the global logistics sector.

On several occasions, Kale has also received ‘Best company to work for’ awards and the company has always maintained its ‘talent nurturing’ approach.

“Employee centricity is in our DNA and we at Kale know the value of organic talent development,” said Rohit Jain, Head of HR, Kale Logistics Solutions.

“We are committed to an environment that presents equal opportunities. This award reflects our agility, innovation, and technology prowess, and motivates us to scale greater heights.”

Kale is a leading tech solution provider and is currently engaging with more than 100 air cargo stations globally to digitally transform the way cargo moves.




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