Enabling Efficient Ground Handling Operations with GALAXY

Quantum Jump In Air Cargo Volumes

Worldwide, there is an exponential jump in cargo traffic due to the ongoing e-commerce buzz. Before 2025, the value of international trade through e-commerce is estimated to cross US$25 Trillion, according to a research report. This sheer quantum of cargo traffic necessitates the deployment of a robust cargo handling software that streamlines operations and optimises operational efficiencies.

Operational Disruptions Due To Disparate Legacy Systems

Disparate legacy systems and siloed infrastructure have  traditionally been the air cargo industry’s transformational challenges. The need of the hour is an investment in technology to ensure smooth operations and a future-ready air cargo industry. Managing the movement of cargo at airports is a tedious task. Hence to ensure seamless cargo movement, a robust air freight software or a set of cargo solutions is the need of the hour.

Enhanced Automation & Integration To Transform Ground Handling Operations

GALAXY is a Cloud-based cargo handling software that automates operations, brings visibility and planning efficiency to handlers. Implemented at more than 100+ airports globally, GALAXY is a next-gen cargo solutions system that comes with enhanced cargo solutions automation and integration with HHT, devices and payment gateways, as well as provides most comprehensive end-to-end functions for Imports, Exports, Transhipment, and domestic handling.

Next-gen Cargo Handling System To Drive Business Growth

GALAXY automates operational processes and provides quick and comprehensive information on consignment status, cargo tracking and terminal operations. It is designed to drive complete operational efficiency, and end-to-end real-time visibility to cargo handling airports and independent ground handlers. This air freight software solution eliminates redundant processes by offering a single point of data entry and thorough cargo solutions automation in operational processes.

Unique Functional Capabilities



SLA Management

ULD Management

Dock-In / Dock-Out & Gate-In/Gate-Out



Business Benefits

Improved Efficiency

Thorough Cargo Visibility

Regulatory Compliance

Third Party Interfacing

Reduced Operational Costs

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“Change is the only constant thing“ – and the year 2020 proved that COVID pandemic was a catalyst. The Logistics industry has been experiencing Change  coming in the form of continuous innovation, which is occurring at a much faster pace than we have ever seen.


Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has announced that Adani Airports has implemented its Airport Cargo Handling system – GALAXY in multiple locations where it won the mandate to modernize and operate various airports across India.



“We selected  GALAXY – a web based air cargo management  system, which offered a robust system that ensures  our airline customers’ needs are met proactively and  effectively.” – 


Meshack Kipturgo, Managing Director, Siginon Group



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