Seamless AWB Tracking with Cargo Community Systems

Air Waybill is a critical document in the entire air cargo ecosystem. Traditionally as all are aware this document has been generated manually and every Freight Forwarder/Shipper/Consignee will be able to do Air Waybill Tracking on a manual level. However, in due course of time, with the soaring cargo movement, Air Waybill Tracking on a manual level turned out to be challenging. And, the manual mode of air waybill itself is now considered to be a larger challenge.

Worldwide, the problem of manual air waybill generation is building up day after day with normalcy returning. It is believed that 33 percent of Freight Forwarders are experiencing AWB stock management as a process and nearly 12 percent experienced delays in terms of Air Waybill
validity failures.

Advent of e-Air Waybill

Electronic Air Waybill or e-Air Waybill is a digital document, which ensures zero intervention of physical paper copies and utility of digital documentation. Moreover, with e-Air Waybill, movement of shipment too can be well recorded i.e., AWB tracking becomes seamless. Already, various IT Solutions Providers are offering point solutions with the electronic generation of Air Waybill. However, it is often part of a larger digital cohort.

Cargo Community System & eAWB

e-Air Waybill, when part of a larger solution like cargo community system developed by Kale Logistics Solutions seamlessly assists in reducing the manual efforts and time needed by stakeholders to carry out the functionalities. It helps in ensuring that the turnaround time for responses are quicker and on real time basis. Lesser dependency on physical presence helps in better planning and enhancing efficiency of the entire value chain.

Forwarders can get all the required data needed for requesting bookings and AWB stocks on a single platform. Airlines have one single source to take action on all requests that comes to them and the overall transparency helps the GHA to better plan his activities thus ensuring seamless flow. Most importantly, it helps in seamless Air Waybill Tracking.

Stakeholder wise Process Optimization with e-Air Waybill & Cargo Community System

Widespread Adoption

Cargo Community System is well utilized in major airport across the globe such as Atlanta International Airport, Mumbai International Airport, Bangalore International Airport and several others. Kale’s Cargo Community System has reduced the documentation burden on the cargo ground handler and has reduced truck wait times by 70% as the handler has advance shipment notice from the freight forwarder/transporter. Also it helps in eliminating manual processes and documents have brought down the total documents handled from 100+ to 24 copies. Stakeholders have reported seamless Air Waybill Tracking with the adoption of cargo community system. Therefore, Cargo Community System is the way ahead.

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In a constantly evolving world, digital
information exchange finds a significant
relevance and that is why EDI is considered as
the future of information sharing in the air
cargo industry.




To achieve larger synergies globally one has to
think beyond Cargo Community Systems and
that brings us to the future of cargo community
systems i.e., Digital Air Freight Corridor.





“The AMAX platform has put an end to the
current manual processes, multiple data entries
and improved transparency in the supply chain.
The resultant efficiency is in turn providing
tangible savings in both time and money.”

– Manoj Singh, Senior Vice President & Head –
Cargo at Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd


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