WFS facility at JFK Airport records 100% appointment bookings powered by Kale’s Cargo Community Systems

WFS facility at JFK Airport records 100% appointment bookings powered by Kale’s Cargo Community Systems

Mumbai, India, Thursday 26th October 2023: Kale Info Solutions (Kale) has announced that a milestone was achieved on October 03, 2023 at John F Kennedy International Airport when Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) implemented 100 per cent appointment bookings for their Dock Management program, powered by Kale’s technology.

The JFK air cargo community has been using the Kale’s ACS Truck Slot Management appointment system, which interfaced with WFS EPIC for over a year now on a voluntary basis to make appointments and give advanced shipment information to WFS in JFK.

Realizing the efficiencies obtained by having advanced shipment information, WFS made the move to have their first JFK facility go 100 per cent appointment bookings. WFS at JFK will gradually move to 100 per cent appointment bookings for all their locations and stakeholders (truckers, brokers, and forwarders) are encouraged to register now to make appointments and keep your cargo moving effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously.

With the deployment of Kale’s ACS, JFK airport and WFS will realize a significant improvement in cargo volumes and let the airport emerge as a hub for innovative activities. Moreover, this deployment with a 100 per cent adoption rate will enable the Airport to set sustainability benchmarks for airports globally.

Donna Mullins, Vice President of Kale Info Solutions said, “It gives immense pleasure to see the development at a WFS building in JFK airport. It again reaffirms the fact that technology adoption can do wonders to the air cargo sector. Similarly, we expect same results at other locations using Kale’s Cargo Community Systems.”

A small get together was organized to celebrate this achievement on October 03, 2023 which witnessed Transporters, and Airport staff coming together.

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