Budapest Airport revolutionises digital operations with Kale Info Solutions’ Airport Cargo Community System

Budapest Airport revolutionises digital operations with Kale Info Solutions’ Airport Cargo Community System

Mumbai, India, 10 April 2024: Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale), a specialist in providing innovative technological products for the logistics industry, has proudly announced its collaboration with Budapest Airport (BUD), Hungary, to revolutionise cargo operations through the implementation of its cutting-edge Airport Cargo Community System (ACS).

The partnership between Kale Info Solutions B.V. (Kale Info), Kale’s fully-owned subsidiary, and BUD marks a significant milestone in streamlining cargo operations at one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Presently, various cargo handlers and integrators use separate I.T. systems for data collection, reporting and transmission to the airport and the relevant authorities.

This includes parallel or double data communications opportunities currently open to digitalise airfreight operations and business processes.

Kale’s innovative ACS system provides stakeholders with enhanced visibility and transparency. It enables the real-time tracking and monitoring of cargo movements, incorporating automated regulatory compliance checks. This further streamlines operations and ensures adherence to industry standards.

Commenting on this development, József Kossuth, BUD’s Cargo Director, said, “Budapest Airport aims to become the main cargo hub in the Central and Eastern European region.

“We are on the right track, as the dedicated development of the BUD Cargo City in recent years has provided world-class infrastructure, which, combined with excellent connectivity and a tight-knit cargo community, is attracting more and more partners.

“We are now the fastest-growing airport in the region regarding cargo volume, as we handled a record 201,306 tons in 2023, a +48.5% increase compared to 2019.

“The introduction of the new Airport Cargo Community System adds an important innovative feature to BUD’s profile, further strengthening the hub function of the airport.

He added, “The ACS will serve as a centralised platform, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange among all stakeholders involved in the cargo handling process.”

“We are excited to partner with Budapest Airport to introduce our ACS, which will play a pivotal role in optimising cargo operations and enhancing overall efficiency. As a leading technology provider to airports worldwide, we are proud to bring our expertise and best practices to this collaboration, ensuring the highest standards of service and innovation,” said Vineet Malhotra, Co-founder, and Director of Kale Logistics Solutions.

“Through this collaboration, we aim to set new benchmarks in cargo handling and contribute to the continued growth and success of Budapest Airport as a key logistics hub in Europe.”

The implementation of the ACS represents a significant step forward in BUD’s commitment to delivering world-class cargo services and supporting the evolving needs of its stakeholders.

ACS is Kale’s next-generation cargo community platform. It facilitates paperless operations and offers many enriched features to suit today’s air cargo business needs.

This pioneering initiative marks the first implementation of such a comprehensive Airport Cargo Community System in Hungary, underscoring Kale’s global leadership in this domain with successful ACS deployments already across North America, India, UAE, and Turkey.

Kale has earned recognition from the United Nations for its innovative approach to trade facilitation.

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