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Working at Kale means you will be part of a dynamic and efficient global team which is passionate and self-driven. It draws upon a rich lineage of techno-domain expertise, making it the right place to be and display your talent, drive, and ability to learn and scale up. The key elements of our culture are strong bonding in teams and an open atmosphere. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit wherein if you have the spark, you get your canvas to paint your own picture.


At Kale, one embraces all-round skill enhancement and continuous learning. The focus is on long term career aspirations of employees, providing them with both a platform and launching pad for development and success. The culture exhibits innovative spirit, shared values and inspiration to positively impact the organization. We have year-round skill development programs and onsite opportunities.


Top 5 reasons to join Kale


Best Employer Credentials


  • Awarded 28th position (among Top 100) by employee healthcare platform Loop for Best Team Culture to Foster Innovation and Employee Engagement in 2022
  • Emerged as Employer of Choice in 2021 with the slew of measures taken to ensure Employee Wellbeing during COVID-19 Pandemic


What sets us apart?


  • Product-focused, not project-focused 
  • Working on latest stack of technologies – Angular, jQuery etc.
  • Deep-tech intervention – Blockchain, IoT, 5G & Heuristics
  • 5500+ clients in 35+ countries
  • Trusted tech partner for Fortune 500 companies in the logistics industry


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Employee Engagement

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