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Kale Logistics Solutions is a trusted global SaaS solutions provider for several Fortune 500 companies worldwide, offering a comprehensive suite of tech solutions for the Logistics Industry. With in-depth domain knowledge and technical expertise, Kale has created a suite of comprehensive tech enterprise systems and Cargo Community Platforms, which offer a single electronic window capable of supporting operational flows, percolating data to various stakeholders and facilitating paperless exchange of trade-related information between stakeholders. Kale’s community and enterprise solutions cater to a wide network of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and help strengthen and improve their operational and business capabilities. With offices in Thane, Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai and Mauritius, and 4500 satisfied customers in 29 countries, Kale Logistics Solutions is a major player in the Industry.

We have been awarded the best solution provider for logistics industry for the last 10 years :

  • Won e-Project of the Year at United Nations, Geneva for Cargo Community Systems
  • Our comprehensive Port Community System – CODEX has facilitated speedy IGST refund to the India Exporter with 3-7 working days. This solution is also presented to the Honorable Prime Minister of India in 2017.
  • Our solution has been presented as a case study in the Kellogg Business School Journal.
  • Our solutions have been considered in the Top 10 innovations, by KPMG
  • Kale played an important role in getting India to Rank 6th in e AWB adoption globally (from a distant 130)
  • The company has won the award for ‘Most Innovative company – service category’ at the CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2018 and has been recognized as amongst the TOP 25 innovative Indian companies

What sets us apart from the thousands of software organisations in India, is that we are Product and not Project-focused. Very few companies actually have their own IPR-based products being used in the global marketplace.


Not just content with providing operational ERP solutions, Kale Logistics also specialises in providing Platform solutions (wherein multiple stakeholders are able to work collaboratively) in India and abroad.

At Kale Logistics, we are excited every single day at work, learning with talented colleagues and enjoying a vibrant work environment. Working@Kale means you will be part of a dynamic and efficient global team which is passionate and self-driven. It draws upon a rich lineage of techno-domain expertise, making it the right place to be and display your talent, drive and ability to learn and scale up. The key elements of our culture are strong bonding in teams and an open atmosphere. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit wherein if you have the spark you get your canvas to paint your own picture.


At Kale Logistics one embraces all-round skill enhancement and continuous learning. The focus is on long term career aspirations of employees, providing them with both a platform and launching pad for development and success. The culture exhibits innovative spirit, shared values and inspiration to positively impact the organization. We have year-round skill development programs and onsite opportunities.

Here are the top 5 reasons to join us…

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