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Digital Corridor: shaping the global logistics industry


A Digital Corridor is an electronic platform that connects multiple entities to share the status of business activities and relevant information.


The digital corridor is established when an airport/port/customs at a location gets connected with the airport/port/customs at another location to exchange relevant trade and shipment data.


Digital freight & trade corridor to build resilience for the logistics industry


Kale Logistics offers Digital Freight and Trade Corridor to support trade facilitation. The digital corridor allows the country of shipment origin to collaborate with the destination country of shipment. It facilitates real-time visibility of shipments exchange from one stakeholder to another and subsequently to the trading partner country.


The shipment details, multiple e-certificates and supporting digital documents are safe on a secured and reliable platform. The destination country gets to access all the information before the arrival of a shipment. On arrival of the shipment, the origin country gets all the status updates and other details until delivery of the cargo.


Access to the data is restricted and protected by a strong and complex encryption algorithm. This network can extend to government, regulators, or similar body by adding them as a participant.


The collaboratively created digital corridor facilitates the flow of information within the stakeholder chain and optimizes cargo visibility across the stakeholder network. These digital data corridors can evolve from connecting one cargo network like an airport community platform in one country to the airport community platform in another country. These hubs can connect multiple countries using the simple principle of data federation and trust.


Business Benefits:


  • Provide end-to-end shipment visibility from origin to destination
  • Swift processing of documentation
  • Secured data sharing
  • e-Freight compliance
  • Cost saving with paper-based operations eliminated