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Comprehensive Customs Clearance Software designed for Global Regulatory Compliance

The scope of Customs Clearance Management includes the documentations for the facilitation of export or imports into a country, customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and accepting delivery of cargo from Customs post clearance. In this complex chain of processes involving multiple stakeholders, technology acts as a catalyst in simplifying and streamlining the myriad processes.


Amidst increasing trade volumes, regulatory compliance has emerged as one of the key challenges for logistics players worldwide. While encouraging trade policies across the globe have given rise to myriad opportunities for cross-border trade, the changing trade dynamics have also altered the role of logistics players.


The role of Customs Brokers (CBs) is no longer limited to merely Customs filing. To maintain a competitive edge and gain customer loyalty in the changing business environment, today’s Customs Brokers are also required to establish connection with multiple trade partners like Airlines, Shipping Lines, Airports, Container Depots, Government Authorities and Transporters. To accommodate the changing nature of business and ensure adherence to local Customs rules and regulations, CBs today need a customs clearance system that is not only technologically sound but also capable of encompassing the changing nature and escalating business volumes experienced by CBs world-wide.

CANOPUS, a comprehensive Customs Clearance Software for Next Generation Logistics Operations

A next generation SaaS based Customs Clearance Software, CANOPUS, enables CBs to achieve enhanced efficiency in service and reduce operational costs. It enables digital Customs filing and accommodates changing regulatory requirements. CANOPUS facilitates automated filing in compliance with Customs systems wherein it is further segregated into Exports/Imports modules as per business function and Regulatory/Customs compliance.

CANOPUS brings several process improvements to a leading supply chain provider

Feature-rich CANOPUS enables Customs Brokers to connect, communicate and collaborate with Customs

  • Complete documentation support for sea and air operations with compliance
  • Receive auto updates on Custom notification, exchange rates, Drawback Rates along with Automatic Customs Duty calculation
  • Mobile Application for ‘on the go’ operations
  • Real-time automated updates on status, notifications, exchange rates etc.
  • Automatic duty calculation
  • Pre-check data validation as per compliance
  • Support for statutory reports like checklists and annexures for imports/exports, Bill of entry, shipping bill, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and Customs declaration report
  • Daily status reports and milestone dashboard with drill down facility
  • Comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) reporting
  • Goods & Services Tax compliance for India

Business Benefits

Global Regulatory compliance

Several value additions

Single platform for multimodal operations

Reduced costs

24/7 web support ensures competence