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Logistics e-Marketplace – Shaping the Future of Logistics


The continued surge in e-commerce demand and the need to provide more cost-effective transportation options for shippers have led to steady but significant growth in the logistics marketplace. A unified platform is believed to be the right way to enable seamless connectivity between Shippers, Freight Forwarders and other stakeholders in the loop. The Platform enables an organization to connect with all of its supply chain stakeholders on a single platform. Whether it is for document exchange or data exchange or status updates, the platform enables connectivity in real-time with all entities.


One-stop Multi-modal Logistics e-Marketplace


Kale Logistics Solutions’ Logistics e-Marketplace platform connects supply chain stakeholders such as Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Shipping Lines, Airlines, Transporters, Shipper, Consignees, Warehouse Operators, Rail Operators, and Regulatory Authorities. The platform digitizes the entire shipment process of rates, schedule, booking, contracting, delivery, invoice and payment. The platform helps Logistics Service Providers to actively participate in the cargo movement process by ensuring their services remain price competitive and highly flexible. It matches companies looking to ship freight using one or multiple modes of transport with service providers of suitable capacity.


Unique Functional Capabilities


Registration: User-friendly registration, login and subscriptions on the go.


Price Discovery: Covers multi-modal transportation, Rates & Quotes, e-Booking and Carrier Schedules.


Payments: Online payments facility with invoicing, e-contract and prepaid account.


Reviews and Ratings: User ratings with feedback and promos are included.


e-Docket: A complete document management system which facilitates document exchange with digital signature.


Tracking: Complete track and trace with integrated maps, pro-active alerts and e-Waybill tracking. Track and Trace is supported by Whatsapp, email and chat.


Business Benefits


One Stop Solution

Improved Connectivity

Enhanced Efficiency


Seamless Information Flow

Integrated Export Import Process