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Exploring the possibilities with a Cargo Community system that enables stakeholders to communicate with each other

The logistics supply chain entities work round the clock to move cargo safely and on time. However, along with movement of cargo, there is a lot of complex documentation and data that gets exchanged between the entities. A study indicates that shipment data gets re-entered in the supply chain at least six times by various stakeholders, bringing in inefficiency, delays, penalties and lack of shipment visibility, thereby resulting in higher cost of logistics.


UPLIFT is a pioneering initiative in creating a Cargo Community System, which enables Freight Forwarding and Customs Broker organisations to electronically communicate with each other. The platform also connects with other stakeholders like shippers, consignees, airports, seaports, airlines, transporters and Customs. UPLIFT eliminates the manual operations, paperwork, redundant data entry and brings in the much-needed shipment visibility across the value chain.


This Cargo Community System is a joint initiative by Kale Logistics and Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI). It has been recognised as one of India’s Top 10 Logistics Innovations by KPMG and has been featured as a case study in Kellogg Business School’s supply chain management book.

UPLIFT: a universal platform for logistics and integrated freight transport


UPLIFT is a pioneering initiative in creating a Cargo Community Platform that enables Freight Forwarders (FF) and Customs Brokers (CB) to electronically communicate within themselves and with other stakeholders, such as Shippers, Consignees, Airports, Seaports, Airlines, Transporters, and Customs. UPLIFT eliminates manual operations, paperwork, and redundant data entry, bringing much-needed shipment visibility across the value chain.

Business Benefits

Reduces time and effort

Float multiple RFQs on single click

Automated emails/SMS/status updates

Compliance with e-freight and C2K

Improved customer satisfaction

Facilitates online payments


With the volumes in air cargo surging, the tail winds of Trade Facilitation will create even more favourable environment for the industry. With disruptive technologies on horizon, its indeed important that we understand how this concoction will affect all of us in near future.


UPLIFT has been India’s most innovative community platform which is globally recognised in KPMG’s ‘Top 10 Innovations’. It is also a part of curriculum for SCM students at Kellogg Business School.

Thought Leadership

Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics Solutions talks about Kale’s commitment to Trade Facilitation