Logistics & Customs Control Tower– Enabling Transparency and Seamless EXIM Trade

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Evolving EXIM Operations


Cross-border trade today isn’t the same as it was in the past. It has evolved in terms of volumes, capacity, and cost. In addition to that, it has evolved in terms of compliance too. Multinationals and transnational corporations having cross-border transactions amongst business units need a single window to manage these EXIM operations. The lack of a single window creates a considerable number of loopholes in the entire Logistics value chain, like inefficiencies due to manual processing, duplication of data entry points, compliance delays and lack of visibility.


LCCT – The Unique Solution to Thwart all Challenges


Logistics & Customs Control Tower (LCCT) is an electronic platform for cross-border trade (Manufacturers-Exporters-Importers) and Logistics Service Providers for exchange of information, data, and documents. It facilitates reducing administrative and compliance costs and aids in minimizing paperwork, thereby enhancing sustainability benefits.


Unique Functional Capabilities


  • Omnichannel Access: The system supports seamless processing and integration of information, data and documents from multiple channels and offers an omnichannel mechanism to share data using web services, excel/csv uploads, PWA and web interfaces.


  • Connectivity to Multiple ERP Systems: Solution has the capability to connect with ERP and internal systems of Exporters-Importers, Freight Forwarders, and Customs Brokers to exchange data and documents.


  • Auto Calculations: Solution has the capability to calculate estimated costs for customs broking services based on contracted rates; Auto calculations are performed in case of de-bonding of cargo from the FTZ unit in line with the configured regulatory requirements.


  • Management and Tracking: Exporter-Importer is able to capture, maintain, track and monitor Regulatory Licences, Permits and Certifications issued to carry out imports and exports. The system further provides a mechanism to capture, maintain, and track bonds and bank guarantees, including utilization.


  • Auto Mapping Purchase Orders: The Solution processes the Purchase Orders retrieved from Exporter-Importer’s internal ERP system and maps individual export-import shipments with respective departments/Business Units/Verticals. Shipment is further allocated to the underlying Cost Centers/Profit Centers.


  • Commodity Price Variance: Any variations on the unit prices of the commodities being exported or imported beyond the defined threshold limits are flagged for user information and, where required, intervention.


  • LSP Invoices: Invoices from Vendors (Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Transporters, Consultants, etc.) are processed digitally with data and documents retrieved from Vendor’s internal systems or via excel upload. The status of Vendor Invoices processing is captured and available to individual Vendors against their login.


  • eDocket: All documents, whether generated by different entities in their ERP/internal systems or uploaded on the platform, are available to the Exporter-Importer and other designated entities to view at the shipment level giving a comprehensive view of all documentation–regulatory, commercial, and compliances


  • TAT-Based Reporting and Audit Log: All shipments are subject to TAT SLAs defined at the Vendor level and are tracked for compliance. Any breach is flagged and displayed in specific Dashboards and reports.


Business Benefits


Dashboards and reports

Informed Decision Making

Increased Efficiency

100% Real-time Visibility

Enables Cost Saving