Enabling fast-track Issuance of Certificate of Origin to Members of Federation of Indian Exports Organization (FIEO)

Enabling fast-track Issuance of Certificate of Origin to Members of Federation of Indian Exports Organization (FIEO)

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Issuance of Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CO) is an important document in cross border trade. It declares that a specific product is wholly produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country and it helps in satisfying customs or trade requirements.

This document is issued through Chambers of Commerce in several countries. While in some countries, the regulatory body such as Customs or Export Commission Body is the issuing authority.

Complexities in Manual Issuance

Regulatory agencies worldwide find it challenging to enable faster clearance by cutting down delays and improve trade compliance. The processes are suffused with costly inefficiencies, lack of co-ordination among cross-border regulatory agencies, and burdensome procedures and documentation.

FIEO – The Apex Body of Indian Export Promotion

Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) is an apex body of Indian export promotion organizations was set up jointly by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and private trade and industry in 1965. It has a wide presence across India and consists of exporters, customs brokers and freight forwarders/agents.

The Need to Digitize

With a significant amount of members, FIEO has still been issuing Certificate of Origin manually. As the number of members kept growing year after year, there were operational delays in the entire process. Therefore, they found a need to digitize the operations to facilitate faster issuance of COs to its members.

Kale’s e-CO Making a Difference

Kale deployed the Regulatory Single Window System for FIEO to fast-track issuance of Certificate of Origin digitally in 2016. The entire process of Application for CO, Attachment of supporting documents, Verification & Issuance of CO by FIEO is digitized through this platform.

The exporters can make online payments using the facility of payment gateway and pre-deposit account. This service is availed from 20 branches of FIEO across India where over 50,000 certificates were issued annually.

Unique Value Addition

Data Reusability function to reutilize the data submitted for Customs Declaration.

This Single Window System is also enabled to integrate with the enterprise systems of Forwarders, Customs Brokers, Exporters and other parties involved.

Unique Functional Capabilities

  • Certificates issued with e-Signature in XML and PDF format
  • Milestone based application tracking
  • User friendly registration for traders and agents
  • Secured Login using unique credentials
  • Secured Payment Gateway with no scope for Phishing Attacks

Measurable Impact

  • Supports Digital India initiative by Paperless Trade
  • Over 50,000 certificates issue online annually
  • Utilized Across 20+ Branches in India
  • High rate of adoption during 2020 due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic
  • Empowers small exporters with technology
  • Make audit trail easy and transparent


Freight Forwarder/ Custom Brokers

  • Request
  • Submit e-documents
  • Online Payment
  • Modify/re-submit


Chambers of Commerce

  • Review and approve user
  • Review application
  • Accept/Reject
  • Issuance


Key Functional Modules of e-CO

  • User Registration
  • Certificate Management
  • Pre-deposit Account
  • Masters Management
  • MIS
  • Utilities
  • Track & Trace


Unique Measurable Benefits

  • Zero Redundancies
  • High efficiency and productivity
  • Real-time visibility
  • Compliance control
  • Operational Visibility and Controls

With Kale’s Regulatory Single Window System, issuance of COs eventually became simpler. Especially, in the period from March 2020 to June 2020 i.e., when the lockdown restrictions to thwart COVID-19 was high, there was a need to issue certificates with far more lesser touch points. Thanks to Kale for developing such a robust application which is redefining and transforming business functions for all stakeholders in the logistics fraternity.

– FIEO Member