Enabling Paperless Trade with Galaxy for a leading Cargo Ground Handler in Istanbul

Enabling Paperless Trade with Galaxy for a leading Cargo Ground Handler in Istanbul

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Industry Overview

The need for air cargo is said to rise in the coming years. This means a robust cargo handling software that streamlines operations and optimizes operational efficiencies will be the need of the hour. Traditionally, the air cargo industry was haunted by disintegrated functions which led to several downfalls. The need of the hour is investment in technology to ensure smooth operations and a future-ready air cargo industry with paperless trade.


An Industry Veteran Wanting to Stay Relevant

Our client is a leading and one of the most successful examples of integrated services in the Turkish civil aviation industry.

Our client had control over the major portion of air cargo process in Istanbul Airport. Yet, with technology becoming a norm and carriers as well as freight forwarders switching to new and latest technology, their legacy needed to be re-emphasized. Moreover, physical documentation has been delaying processes. Also, there was a lack of cargo visibility with challenges on milestone tracking capabilities. Therefore, it was essential to move on the path of digitisation stay relevant in a fast transforming world.



Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was seen as the go-to IT service provider for the client when it came to technology transformation. Kale’s proven track record of providing air cargo management system to cater to regulatory requirements and highly automated processes.



  • Statutory Compliance & Industry Best Practices
  • Third Party ERP Integrations
  • Single Point Data Entry
  • Provides interfacing with airline systems through IATA standard messages using SFTP/SMTP and SITA
  • Facility for Disposal or Auction of Unclaimed Cargo
  • Operational Automation


Currently Functioning in Over 80 Airports Globally

Kale’s flagship Air Cargo Management System- GALAXY is currently live at 80 airports globally. Some of the renowned Ground Handlers and Airlines have chosen GALAXY facility that paves way to improved productivity and efficiency.


Client’s specific expectations from the new system

  • Automating cargo terminal processes and provide an automatic interface with Customs department for cargo clearance
  • Allowing authorized stakeholders access to check cargo clearance status
  • Automating the custodian functions, reduce paperwork and the time consumed in manual processes
  • Integrating the operations with a web portal for Cargo Visibility
  • Third Party ERP Integrations for 360 Degree tracking
  • Enabling Paperless Trade and reducing revenue leakage
  • Ensuring Compliance


Measurable Impact

With the implementation of GALAXY, the client could achieve

  • 360 Degree Milestone Tracking Capability
  • Minimized Revenue Leakage
  • Ensuring Compliance Control
  • Improving Operations
  • Boost to Paperless Trade


The Transformation

Kale’s GALAXY was the right fit solution for the client’s expectations. This led to effective management, seamless status updates of the cargo movement within the air cargo environment. Also, it was integrated with ERP systems of airlines, Customs systems.

Moreover, it is equipped with a Web portal for round the clock tracking. The invoicing for storage and handling charges are now calculated by the system automatically. Also, the periodic invoicing for cash and credit to customers / agents is automated in the GALAXY. Therefore, Kale enabled Paperless Trade for the client with less scope of manual documentation errors.


Business Benefits

  • Significant Reduction in Data Handling
  • Improvement in efficiency and productivity
  • Real-time Visibility and status updates from multiple systems
  • Advanced Shipment information for Better Resource Utilization
  • Secured Financial Transactions hosted in Secured Servers that are free from Phishing Attacks
  • Quick ROI Realization