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Experience a comprehensive, integrated Container Management System

Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Container Depots (ICD) are complex operations, involving intricate flow of information and goods between multiple stakeholders. These are further complicated due to manual processes which lead to procedural hassles, painfully slow movement of cargo and containers, and quite often, discrepancies between planned and actual actions. Amidst these constraints, CFS/ICD operations need to cater to increasing customer demands and expectations, whilst ensuring profitability.


Efficient yard management systems have become a pre-requisite to drive competency in global Container Freight Stations (CFS) / Inland Container Depots (ICD) operations. Unorganised container operations can often result in serious operational miscalculations. Container operators need a cargo management system that is built on ground reality and specifically focuses on driving competency in operations. CAPELLA – Container Management system is one such comprehensive web-based software designed to manage end-to-end needs of CFS/ICD operators.


CAPELLA Container Management System has been designed to address the myriad challenges and fulfil complete needs of CFS / ICD operators. Built on the foundation of thorough industry knowledge and technical expertise, it is adept to drive complete automation and visibility in container management functions. The solution addresses all the major issues faced by the CFS /ICD operator in terminal EXIM and domestic operations, container inventory & yard management, bonded & non- bonded warehousing, back to town processes, maintenance & repairs. The solution also possesses a comprehensive reporting tool.


It addresses the typical challenges of yard operations like terminal, Import – Export, domestic, and container inventory, among others. With a comprehensive reporting tool, CAPELLA ensures real-time visibility and control of CFS/ICD functions.

Premier Warehousing Agency in India optimises container handling operations across 7 locations with CAPELLA

Discover what makes CAPELLA a trusted depot management system

  • Comprehensive customer portal for booking, request, real-time shipment tracking and customer registration
  • Complete export/import process management with functions such as Dock Stuffing, Gate Operations, Carting, Warehouse operations, Factory Stuffing, Customs Process, Re-work etc.
  • Empty process management covering key functionalities like Gate Operations, Container Inspection, Container Transfer and Container Allotment
  • Yard Management covers Container List, Search Container/Empty Container Location, Yard View and Audit Trail
  • Complete Management of several allied CFS/ICD functions such as Domestic Cycle, Vehicle Freight Station (RoRo), Bond Cycle, Transport Desk, Reefer, Maintenance and Repairs, Auction and Disposal
  • Efficient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with local Customs and CODECO messages for empty and laden containers
  • Integration with leading third-party accounting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Support for more than 100 Management Information System (MIS) reports and dashboards
  • Ability to provide drill-down details pertaining to container throughput, customers, cargo handling volumes and profitability.

Business Benefits

Eliminates Business Bottlenecks

Improved forecasting and planning

Highly secure transactions

Reduced dwell time

Low ownership cost

Thought Leadership

Use of right technology like, Internet of Things (IoT) for preventive measures, big data for business analytics and forecasting are changing the way the container yards are working.

News & Views

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Client Speaks

“Our operations were semi-automated relying on legacy system which proved to be very expensive including the y-o-y maintenance costs.[…]


Mr. Amruthesh Reddy Chedimala – IT Manager, Continental Warehousing Corporation (Nhava Seva) Limited