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Enabling e-DO for Forwarders/Consolidators & Shipping Lines – Free Trial with No Obligations

Freight Forwarders/Consolidators face challenges with obtaining and issuing Master and House Delivery Order (DO). This process involves exchange of physical copies, the Freight Forwarders/Consolidators visiting offices of multiple carriers, waiting to make counter payments and receiving paper copies of the DO. Large number of paper trails, cash payments and long queues at the counters make DO issuance and receipt tedious.


Kale’s Electronic Delivery Order (e-DO) service ensures obtaining both Master and House DO from a single portal. Agents can also track the House DO to the nth level with complete trail of Parent-Child (Master-House) relationship under one Master DO issued by the Shipping Line. The system also allows House DO for FCL Shipments.


All milestone/status updates are triggered based on the activity on the platform through – WhatsApp, Email, SMS to various stakeholders. The capability to offer Master and House DO followed by revalidation of expired/soon-to-expire DO and connecting with multiple carriers in a single window are key features in this platform. Kale’s e-DO comes with a payment gateway facility, which secures the transactions through various modes such as credit/debit card, online and pre-deposit account.


With a host of robust technical elements, e-DO encourages paperless and contactless trade with no scope for manual intervention that makes way for higher operational efficiency.

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