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Enabling e-DO for Airlines & Forwarders – Free Trial with No Obligations

Obtaining Delivery Order (DO) of import cargo involves physical transactions, long paper trail, cash payments, long wait times at the airport counter and manual approval of documents.


Kale offers Electronic Delivery Order (e-DO) service for Airlines or Airline appointed Ground Handler. Here the request for the Master DO can be placed by the forwarder online following which the Airline can issue the DO or authorize the Cargo Handler to issue on its behalf. In case of consolidated shipment, the consolidator can issue House DO to multiple forwarders from the same platform.


All steps involved from request, approval, payment, issuance, issuing House DO with track and trace are available on a single window. Consolidators can issue House DO and invoice to the consignee and maintain the Master-House relationship up to the nth level. Hosted on the secured platform of Microsoft Azure, the system is free from phishing attacks.


This service seamlessly integrates with Ground Handling Systems to capture Air Waybill (AWB) data to ensure paperless trade. The e-payment mechanism allows agents to pay the fee online through a payment gateway, bank transfer and pre-deposit Account.


With e-DO for Airline in place, freight forwarders find shipment clearance in a record low time leading to better utility of manpower and significant cost savings on travel and documentation.


On the other hand, carriers can realize a well streamlined process with better e-freight compliance and on-time payment collection. Also, low and better manpower utility and lower operational costs are other key positive attributes of the e-DO for Airline.

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