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Enabling Trade Facilitation with Regulatory Single Window System

Cross-border trade has always been at the effect of bureaucratic delays and ‘red tape.’ This has necessitated and thereby resulted in the evolution of ‘Trade Facilitation’ for the global trading system. Simply put, Trade Facilitation (TF) is the simplification, modernization, and harmonization of the global import and export processes.


Across the world, Customs administrations are posed with significant technological, economic and legal changes, which necessitate newer approaches to managing administrations. Moreover, recent industry studies point towards the dramatic impact of Trade Facilitation on international commerce – a boost in the global deal to the tune of US$ 1 trillion per year – from improvements in border administration globally.


The landmark Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) by the World Trade Organization (WTO), which came into force on 22 February 2017, includes requirements for expediting the movement, release, and clearance of goods, including goods in transit. As per the WTO, Article 10.4 of the WTO TFA calls for the Member States to endeavor to establish or maintain a single window, which enables tradesmen to submit documentation and/or data requirements for importation, exportation, or transit of goods through a single-entry point to the participating authorities or agencies.

Regulatory Single Window System – Providing Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

Kale Logistics Solutions’ latest offering – next-generation Regulatory Single Windows – is in line with the company’s commitment to facilitate cross-border trade by transforming and integrating the data entry processes in import and export operations and aims to eliminate redundancy and streamline public costs. The Single Window System, powered by Kale Logistics Solutions, enables Digitalization of processes with e-Approvals and significantly minimizes the paper and time needed for import and export transactions.


Registration: User friendly registration for traders and agents with approval from Single Window admin. Secured Login using unique credentials.


Certificate Management: Certificate are issued online with eSignature. Certificate available in XML and PDF format. eDocument repository for all certificates issued.


Workbench: Milestone based application tracking. Applications can be downloaded in XLS or XML format for data reusability. Applications can be filtered by multiple fields.


Risk Management: Government Agencies can define the risk levels based on their internal assessment. The officers can process shipments based on the risk level which are prompted by the system. Risk levels can be modified based on the collected experience and data


Invoices and Payments: All fees collected at once and then disseminated. Payment received using payment gateway and Pre-deposit account. Invoices are generated for agency service charges in the required format.


e-Certificate of Origin: Chamber of Commerce and Customs can issue online preferential and non-preferential certificate of origin to exporters and agents.

Business Benefits

Eliminates Redundant Data Entries

Real-time Cargo Visibility

Pro-active Functioning & Operations

Last Mile Traceability Guarantee

Enables Informed Decision-Making Capabilities