Maritime Single Window whitepaper by Kale and IPCSA becomes the Point of Discussion at the IMO-IAPH-BIMCO Hybrid Symposium

Maritime Single Window whitepaper by Kale and IPCSA becomes the Point of Discussion at the IMO-IAPH-BIMCO Hybrid Symposium



Mumbai, India, February 28, 2023: Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale) with support of International Port Community System Association (IPCSA) has released a comprehensive whitepaper on Maritime Single Window.  This paper addresses the guidance communicated by IMO and the  opportunities that can be created with this platform.


“Maritime Single Window 2024 – A window of Opportunities” hybrid symposium took place from 18 to 19 January 2023 at IMO Headquarters in London, UK. This symposium brought together institutions, governments, port authorities, industry associations, shipowners, and solution providers worldwide. It was jointly organized by International Maritime Organization (IMO), International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), and Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO) with support from IPCSA.


Slow progress in digitalisation, cyber security as a major challenge, smart ports and data sharing were some of the major points of discussion at the symposium. Moreover, the whitepaper authored by Kale and IPCSA was widely discussed during the symposium along with delegates from member states, and other participants. Before this symposium, this whitepaper was discussed and endorsed in the members meeting of IPCSA in November 2022. Reportedly, the same will be discussed in the upcoming FAL committee meeting mid March.


IMO has pitched for time-bound action plans and the adoption of a Maritime Single Window system as part of the digitalisation of the shipping industry. This whitepaper speaks about the need for making digitalisation as a priority, and enabling digital maturity worldwide. Also, it throws light on how MSW as a single-entry point can harmonize and standardize the information exchange. And it can provide fast, reliable, paperless, and efficient transactions.


The document is not only limited to defining MSW but also includes the participating stakeholders, processes involved, and necessary functions involved. It details the cooperation between all relevant stakeholders from shipping, Ports and Logistics service providers.


Speaking about the development, Vineet Malhotra, Co-Founder and Director of Kale Logistics Solutions said, “Kale is a pioneer in delivering IT solutions and hopes to drive the enhancement of port efficiency, sustainability etc. With MSW becoming the major point of discussion in the world of maritime trade, stakeholders found a void in terms of guideline and this whitepaper addresses that challenge.”


“Some subject matter experts and delegates at the conference were uncertain around the need and challenges regarding MSW. This is where the whitepaper plays a major role as it clears the ambiguities regarding technology adoption and how it could seamlessly facilitate trade for the entire maritime ecosystem worldwide, “ said Suneet Gupta, Vice President – Sales at Kale Logistics Solutions.


Expressing delight over the development, Nico De Cauwer, Lead of Standards & Technology of IPCSA said, “Maritime Single Window is going to be the future of Maritime trade, and now the whole world is looking forward to 01 January 2024 from when MSW will be a mandatory norm. During the pandemic days contactless operations paved way for paperless trade and the enormous benefits achieved due to the same was also widely discussed. The whitepaper stresses upon these factors quite widely and hence became a point of discussion.”


Download the whitepaper here