Kale introduces a portfolio of e-Services to ensure Business Continuity global Logistics Industry

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Kale introduces a portfolio of e-Services to ensure Business Continuity global Logistics Industry

23 Apr, 2020

Mumbai, April 23, 2020: Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale), a trusted global IT Logistics partner for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, is extending its support to the industry ( in this distressful time of COVID-19) by introducing a range of e-services to the Air Cargo and Maritime Trade. These e-Services ensure business continuity and core process automation for Airports, Ports, Cargo Ground Handlers, Airlines, Freight Forwarders, Airlines, Ports, Shipping Lines and Importers/Exporters to run its operations smoothly during lock-downs and minimize physical touch-points.

Kale as an industry patron is at the forefront of reaching out to the industry with a suite of e-services for both Air Cargo and Maritime for business continuity. Traditionally both are paper- intensive with manual operations. Kale understands that the industry has limited ability to invest in new tools in such trying times. These cloud based e-Services from Kale like electronic documentation for Freight Forwarder, Ground Handlers and Airlines, electronic Delivery Order for Air and Maritime trade including Shipping Lines, Ports, Terminals and Freight Forwarders, e-Certificate of Origin, e-Manifest etc enable contact less, paper less trade with significant reduction in operating cost.

These e-services incorporate a completely outcome-based service model with zero upfront investment.

Emphasizing on the e-service initiative, Vineet Malhotra, Director, Kale Logistics Solutions says, “Amidst the turmoil of the last few weeks, our priority has been to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees while continuing to support our customers’ mission-critical activities globally. We stand by the industry during this time of crisis, and would like to offer solutions that would support business continuity operations of Air and Maritime trade.”

He further adds that “There is urgent need to reduce the dependency on physical paper and contact across the global supply chain. This can be enabled by core digital services. Kale aims to build supply chains capable of communicating intelligently with one another with compounding effectiveness and agility.”