Kale Logistics Solutions aligning with its sustainability goals nurtures Carbon footprint reduction initiative for employees

Kale Logistics Solutions aligning with its sustainability goals nurtures Carbon footprint reduction initiative for employees


Mumbai, India, 22 September 2023: Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale), a global vertical SaaS logistics platform provider aligning with its organizational commitment of achieving zero carbon emissions announced the Zero Emission Warrior initiative for its employees on the occasion of Zero Emissions Day that falls on 21st of September.


Zero Emission Warrior initiative was announced for all employees working for Kale Logistics Solutions. As per the contest, the participants were asked to share vehicle rides with their colleagues and friends as well as take up public transport for the period from September 08, 2023 to September 20, 2023. Various employees across hierarchies joined hands and actively participated in the contest thereby exhibiting their passion to reduce their carbon footprints.


21st of September has been observed as World Zero Emissions Day since 2008. The purpose is to offer a preview of what a planet without the release of fossil fuels into the air would look like. A single day to raise awareness on the impact of our daily emissions, which are gases and particles emitted by electricity and fossil fuel consumption.


Through its host of community and enterprise solutions, Kale is transforming the logistics industry gradually into paperless trade. On average, 40+ documents, 100 copies and 150 signatures to move one shipment makes the logistics and supply chain industry paper intensive. Kale’s solutions enable the industry stakeholders to go paperless and smartly perform their operations. These solutions integrate into existing back-office systems to improve business operations and are suitable for different modes. In addition to improved environmental impacts, businesses that have adopted solutions from Kale have reported productivity increases of up to 70 per cent.


Rajni Patwardhan, Marketing Head at Kale Logistics Solutions said, “On average, every individual in Mumbai emits 1.8 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide and surprisingly, 17 per cent of that comes from transportation and 23 per cent from electricity consumption. By making an effort to limit consumption of fuel and electricity per person, we can gradually reduce carbon emissions and achieve our climate change goals. The Zero Emission Warrior initiative was conceptualized on the same thought and our employees have actively participated in the contest with much enthusiasm.”


She added, “We are keen to extend this contest to another phase thereby nurturing reduction in paper consumption and ecofriendly celebrations. With these small and gradual efforts, we are happy to say that as an organization we are in the forefront sustainability innovation.”


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