Kale’s Amar More says air cargo community single window approach drives Profitability and Sustainability

Kale’s Amar More says air cargo community single window approach drives Profitability and Sustainability


Mumbai, India, Monday 19th February: Air Cargo Community Systems are driving profitability and sustainability and accelerating digital take up in the industry, by supporting stakeholders from across the supply chain to work together, according to Amar More, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kale Logistics Solutions (Kale).


Airport congestion and operational inefficiencies resulting in high cargo dwell time, tonnes of paper waste and increasing labour costs, can be alleviated through the implementation of a common digital platform, More told delegates at the Air Cargo India convention in Mumbai, India today.


“Air Cargo Community systems act as an ‘Air Cargo Single Window’, that facilitates ease of business and global trade by eliminating duplication of data entry, reducing unnecessary paperwork, tackling airport congestion issues, and bringing shipment visibility to all stakeholders,” More said as part of a panel discussion about how digitalisation is increasingly becoming inevitable for air cargo operations.


“Delivering end-to-end collaboration through a single platform is imperative to ensuring our industry fully embraces digitalisation, as it is essential for facilitating better coordination, resource optimisation, and rapid information exchange between all parties involved. Connecting air cargo stakeholders through one central platform is a digital game-changer”, Kale CEO Amar More told delegates at AirCargo India today.


Kale works with more than 100 air cargo stations to help airports transform into digitally connected logistics hubs and in May will unveil the CLEAR VIEW Air Cargo event, where the agenda will focus on best practices for digitalising the supply chain.


“The true benefits of digitalisation emerge only when an entire ecosystem embraces it – partial adoption falls short,” said More.


“Operational efficiency driven by faster processing and the ability to provide real-time visibility and accurate tracking are all perks now expected by customers, making adopting digital solutions a necessity to compete in our industry.”


Kale’s invitation-only CLEAR VIEW event, taking place from the 17th to 18th May 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey, will bring thought-leaders together to discuss best practice setting out a roadmap for sustainable air cargo practices, cargo handling infrastructure, and assessing how ready the industry is to embrace digitalisation.


More was joined on today’s panel by Ashok Rajan from IBS Software, Moritz Claussen from cargo.one, Prithviraj Chug from Group Concorde, Ashwin Bhat from Lufthansa Cargo, Leonard Rodrigues from Etihad Cargo and Michel Pozas Lucic from AP Moller Maersk.


Over 600 delegates are attending the three-day Air Cargo India Conference and Exhibition in Mumbai.



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