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General Industry Overview

The primary factors driving the growth of the Global Marine and Container Terminal Operation industry in the last few decades have been liberalization of trade, economic expansion on a global scale and the growth in Asian economies. According to industry estimates, over the course of the last five years, the Global Marine and Container Terminal Operation industry has grown by 1.3% to reach revenues of $48bn in 2018. The future holds a plethora of opportunities for growth for this burgeoning industry. And, with technology it has the wherewithal to ongoingly bolster that growth.

Legacy system constricts growth potential

Our client is a multi-facility terminal catering to all types of cargo/containers. It had undefined process flows for CFS operations, CFS/Cold & Cool Store processes, Dubal & Borouge operations, road & rail operations and warehouse operations. Operations were manual and semi-automated. It wanted a system to integrate with their in-house IT system, Customs, Terminal Display Management System (TDMS) & Dubai Trade, and Billing Systems. The client had an internally created system called WMS, created by their IT team. It was a first level system which didn’t have functionalities for container management such as Mobile Device Terminal (MDT), Vehicle window or a module for crane system.

Web-enabled CFS / ICD Management system optimizes operational efficiencies

CAPELLA was the right fit for the client because it included all the functionalities that they were looking for such as cross-stuffing, MDT – gate in / gate out done directly by gate operator (thereby minimising manual work), RS module which were necessary for their ever-increasing scale of operations.

Some of the benefits derived after implementation of CAPELLA included – Manual work being minimised, Tally, Request, Gate in are all now done on the system, Warehouse person doesn’t need to come to the office, they can do their work on MDT.

Full Automation of current business operations was carried out. All operations right from Customer Registration to On Boarding, they were able to place with the On Line booking with the client.

From a web-enabled CFS / ICD Management System from Kale, we had very clear set of expectations – enhanced automation of processes and minimization of manual work. We were happy to note that so far, the CAPELLA system has far exceeded our expectations. Not only have processing times been minimized and paperless transactions enabled, but also there has been a dramatic increase in number of incoming clients due to automation of processes. On the whole, CAPELLA has increased our volumes handled and overall productivity. – Senior Manager, one of the leading terminal operators across the globe.

Testimonial and Stats

The collaboration between Kale Logistics and Cargonaut fits perfectly in our mutual aim to create a Network of Trusted Networks. Together we can establish a ‘virtual’ platform for our joined customers in India and The Netherlands. Trade Facilitation initiatives like these are the way to the future in which airport communities, together with Governments work closely together to improve, speed-up and simplify the Air Cargo business for all involved. – Mr. Nanne Onland, CEO of Cargonaut.