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Kolkata Customs and National Association of Container Freight Stations (NACFS), Kolkata Chapter goes Digital to Tackle Unclaimed Cargo with Kale Logistics Solutions’CODEX platform

20 Feb, 2020

Mumbai, February 20, 2020: Kale Logistics Solutions, a trusted IT Logistics partner for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, developed the Uncleared/Unclaimed Cargo (UCC) System to assist both the Container Freight Stations (CFS) patrons as well as the customs officials in handling unclaimed cargo. Using Kale’s mobile application, CFS patrons can avail a No Objection Certificate (NOC) online and customs authorities have access to accurate information.

The CODEX – UCC System was inaugurated by Mr. Sailaja Ray Baruah, Chief Commissioner of Customs – Kolkata and Mr. Umesh Sharad Wagh, Commissioner of Customs (Port) at Kolkata on 18 February 2020 in the presence of Mr. Pramod Kumar Srivastava and MrAsutosh Jaiswal, office bearers of NACFS, Kolkata chapter.Also, a mobile application was launched to facilitate on-the-go information exchange and easy usage among stakeholders.

The case of Unclaimed Cargo has been a major issue for Container Freight Stations and Customs officials in a port ecosystem. When the importer fails to claim the cargo, it goes for auction/disposal of the same with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Customs Authorities. But manual documentations have led to data inaccuracies and inconsistencies. This is turn leads to non-noticing of precious cargo in Container Freight Stations/ Port premises for months and in some cases, even years.

With UCC System in place, CFS’s and Customs get to reduce a lot of paper work, efficiently handle enquiries and shipmentapprovals as well as bringing all operations in a single platform.

“The case of handling unclaimed cargo is a long pending issue in Port logistics. CFS operations were getting affected due to this and now, we believe it can be solved using this innovative platform. At Customs, it is our endeavor to leverage technology and continuously innovate to ensure rapid gains. “said Mr. Sailaja Ray Baruah, Chief Commissioner of Customs- Kolkata.

Speaking at the occasion, MrAsutosh Jaiswal, President- NACFS, Kolkata Chapter said, “With the active encouragement and support from Kolkata Customs and NACFS members, we have been able to implement this unique digital platform.We believe with this platform in place, Customs, Importers and CFSs can all benefit significantly. This is a stepping stone to implement other digital initiatives to streamline Logistics in our area”

Speaking on the development, Vineet Malhotra, Director, Kale Logistics Solutions said, “Retention of Unclaimed Cargo without proper visibilityto Customs authorities and CFS/Ports is a major issue not only in Kolkata or any Indian port, but across the world. Therefore, digitization is the way to tackle this. UCC System is yet another effort by Kalefor enabling technology led efficient operations in the Logistics industry.”

He further added that “CODEX is a very innovative platform, it has solved the problem of IGST refunds for the Indian exporter with refunds coming in within 7 days from 120 days. The platform was recognized by United Nations (UNESCAP) & Asian Development Bank(ADB) by awarding it International Trade Facilitation Innovation Award at the Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum 2019.”