Kale Logistics Solutions joins the Pan Asia Alliance (PAA) to foster Trade Facilitation and Digitalization

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Kale Logistics Solutions joins the Pan Asia Alliance (PAA) to foster Trade Facilitation and Digitalization

Mumbai, May 28, 2019

Kale Logistics Solutions, a trusted, global IT Logistics partner for Fortune 500 companies, recently joined the Pan Asia Alliance (PAA) to foster Trade Facilitation and Digitalization in Asia. Kale Logistics is the only Indian company to have this distinction.

Kale’s broad solution spectrum ranges from ‘Internal Business Automation Systems’ to ‘Community Platforms’ that help various players in the Logistics value chain from shipper up to consignee, to communicate and transact with each other electronically. Kale Logistics Solutions offers IT solutions for Logistics industry to enable fast and accurate delivery, better supply chain visibility, superior customer service and optimized asset utilization. Kale Logistics Solutions is on the accelerated path to catalyze Trade Facilitation, empower ease of doing business, and enable trade through paperless supply chain transactions globally.

The Pan-Asian E-Commerce (PAA) was founded in July 2000 by CrimsonLogic (Singapore), TRADE-VAN Information Services Co. (Taiwan), and Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited (Hong Kong SAR). More memberships were subsequently received and PAA is now comprised of eleven Members, namely – CIECC – China, Trade-Van – Chinese Taipei, Tradelink – Hongkong SAR, EDI-I – Indonesia, NACCS – Japan, KTNET – Korea, TEDMEV – Macau SAR, Dagang Net – Malaysia, InterCommerce – Philippines, CrimsonLogic – Singapore and CAT Telecom – Thailand. The alliance aims to promote and provide secure, trusted, reliable and value-adding IT infrastructure and facilities to enhance seamless trade globally.

Speaking about the announcement, Vineet Malhotra, Director, Kale Logistics Solutions, said, “We, at Kale Logistics Solutions, are delighted to be a member of the Pan Asia Alliance (PAA). By joining PAA, we look at a twofold benefit; Kale contributing to this large global trade community with its Trade Facilitation initiatives knowledge and expertise in this area. We also look at enabling PAA to grow and expand with our domain expertise on Logistics trade single window, regulatory single window and digital freight corridors for ease of doing business.”

PAA members are doing pioneering work in the space of new technologies like Blockchain and their impact of Trade Facilitation and Supply Chain. Kale is also pursuing a similar agenda and will be partnering with PAA members in harnessing these technologies for effective Cross Border Trade Flow.

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