Kale Logistics Solutions To Unveilthebooklet Titled Kale Shaping Sustainability At Airports At Air Cargo Europe 2023

Kale Logistics Solutions To Unveilthebooklet Titled Kale Shaping Sustainability At Airports At Air Cargo Europe 2023

Mumbai, India, 09 May 2023: Kale Logistics Solutions, a global leader in IT solutions for logistics industry, today released its study report on airport sustainability titled Kale Shaping Sustainability at Airports at the Air Cargo Europe (Transport Logistic) 2023 event in Munich, Germany. This is the first study by the organization which is committed to drive a sustainable future for the logistics industry.

Kale conducted an industry-wide study to understand the impact of technology on airports and its allied community sustainability outcomes. The global study measured improvements at airport level on operational efficiency, visibility, truck congestion, carbon emissions and physical paper utility.

As per the report, technology can save $9 billion for the industry with approximately 16,000 gallons of carbon emissions being cut per airport. Cargo Community platforms have the potential to save 2000-3000 gallons of fuel being saved with lower truck wait times annually at an airport and a hector of forest saved every year with paperless operations.

Amar More, CEO and Co-Founder of Kale Logistics Solutions said, “Sustainability matters more than ever, our technology-enabled strategy is helping power the logistics industry to march forward on the path of sustainability.”

“The study’s promising outcome gives us hope that the industry is moving in the right direction. Some exciting facts mentioned in this report will surprise industry patrons and stakeholders. There is no other better platform than Messe München’s Air Cargo Europe to bring these findings out.Team Kale is excited to launch the valuable insights gathered from this study.”

It is a notable fact that Kale’s Cargo Community System, Cargo Management System, and other point solutions have delivered carbon-neutral operations across more than 100 airports and ports globally.

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Incorporated in 2010, Kale Logistics Solutions is a trusted global IT solutions partner for several Fortune 500 companies worldwide, offering a comprehensive suite of IT solutions for the Logistics Industry. With in-depth domain knowledge and technical expertise, Kale has created a suite of comprehensive IT enterprise systems and Cargo Community Platforms, which offer a single electronic window capable of supporting operational flows, percolating data to various stakeholders, and facilitating the paperless exchange of trade-related information between stakeholders.

Kale’s community and enterprise solutions cater to a wide network of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) and help strengthen and improve their operational and business capabilities. With offices in Thane, Mumbai, Delhi, Dubai, Atlanta, and Mauritius, and 5500+ clients worldwide across 30 countries, Kale Logistics Solutions is a major player in the industry.

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