Kale Logistics Solutions wins the “Best Warehouse IT Solution Provider” Award at the Warehousing Excellence Awards 2018

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Kale Logistics Solutions wins the “Best Warehouse IT Solution Provider” Award at the Warehousing Excellence Awards 2018

Mumbai, March 21, 2018

Kale Logistics Solutions won the prestigious ‘Best Warehouse IT Solution Provider’ award at ‘The Warehousing Excellence Awards’ held in Mumbai on 17th March 2018 by SCMPro. This award was presented to honour Kale Logistics’ efforts for bringing best operational and business practices to warehousing industry.

Kale Logistics Solutions, a trusted IT Logistics partner for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, was awarded the “Best Warehouse IT Solution Provider” at the recently held Warehousing Excellence Awards 2018, in Mumbai. Industry leaders from all over India graced this award ceremony and winners were decided based on inputs from a panel of judges comprising of academicians and supply chain experts.

The award ceremony aimed at appreciating industry leaders who have committed to excellence, customer orientation, technology and business excellence in the warehousing domain. Several visionaries and leading members of the industry came together on this countywide platform to applaud the distinguished achievers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Krishnamurthy Gopalakrishnan, Head of Business Development (India & Asia-Pacific region), Kale Logistics Solutions, said, “We are very pleased to accept this award as a mark of recognition for innovative technologies from Kale Logistics that are redefining the warehousing industry world-wide. Receiving an award on a national platform such as SCMPro definitely gives us further impetus to strengthen our efforts at technologically driving the warehousing industry, whilst creating global benchmarks.”

PYXIS, the state-of-art warehouse management system from Kale Logistics Solutions that encompasses a wide spectrum of warehouse activities starting from the arrival of cargo, storage, location management and dispatch. Kale Logistics Solutions has been recognized for last eight years at several prominent global industry forums for driving innovation through their IT solutions in the global Logistics industry. They have had a distinction of harbingering several enterprise solutions and community platforms that have changed the face of global Logistics operations. Kale Logistics’ IT solutions promise a gamut of business and operational benefits to the logistics value chain players and have been recognised at several prestigious industry forums for driving visibility, profitability and ease of business.