Solving Revenue Leakage Cues for a leading Terminal Company in Saudi Arabia with Integrated Suite of Enterprise Solutions

Solving Revenue Leakage Cues for a leading Terminal Company in Saudi Arabia with Integrated Suite of Enterprise Solutions

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Focused Digitization Measures for a Competitive Edge

The maritime sector in the Middle East is considered to be of prime importance due to its geopolitical advantage. Also, it is often seen to face unique challenges. Unlike other markets such as Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, Truck Congestion isn’t a major concern at the seaport facilities here. Yet, the strict regulations and the need to integrate, automate and be data driven has engulfed the stakeholders in this market as they are racing to attain a competitive edge. These digital business models have the potential to win in the marketplace where digitization is the key to stay relevant.

An industry veteran needing a Smart system to Tackle Revenue Leakage & Billing Cues

Our client is an industry veteran with four decades of experience in operating a port terminal at Saudi Arabia. While truck congestion isn’t a major issue, lack of a proper mechanism to handle incoming trucks did cause disparity and chaos. The same led to a waiting time of 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier outside the terminal. This caused delay in the overall operations. Added to this, the driver allowance remained as a variable cost and as per the demand of the truck drivers. Also, generating vendor contract billing consumed a significant amount of time which also led to operational inefficiencies and lack of adherence to regulatory compliance.

Focus on Leveraging Technology for a Competitive Edge

  • The client clearly need a future-proof system to unify their operations at the terminal and ensure. They looked at addressing issues around:
  • Disparate systems with manual operations
  • Revenue leakages with underutilization of fleet, resources and manpower
  • Real-time Business Visibility
  • Meeting Regulatory compliance

Offering End-to-End Multi-Modal Capabilities with a Suite of Enterprise Solutions

Kale Logistics Solutions was seen as the go-to IT solution provider in Middle East. Its resilient Terminal Management system –CAPELLA was offered as the best fit solution. In addition to this, in order to meet the need to manage freight forwarding operations end-to-end as well rose for which, CORVI- Kale’s Freight Forwarding System was offered as the best fit solution. Along with all this, a common portal was offered that gave 100% visibility of the activities for the stakeholders.

End-to-end multi-modal operations support along with complete track and trace capabilities followed by integration with standalone ERP modules and support international regulatory compliance.

Inbuilt sales and CRM modules optimise sales-related functions such as lead generation, setting sales targets, enquiry and quotation management followed by supporting international trade documentation such as Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, Cargo Arrival Notice, Delivery Order etc. are some rich offerings of CORVI.

To facilitate data interchange between CORVI and CAPELLA a common portal was offered. Through this portal, all stakeholders could have a complete visibility of the entire operations in the ecosystem. Through this common application, stakeholders are allowed to integrate it with third party applications such as SAP. Through integration of such applications, revenue leakage is kept at bay. Data redundancies were kept at bay as the common application served as a bridge between the terminal management and the freight forwarding tools. As a result, the entire operations got streamlined thereby eliminating operations inefficiencies and overcoming the truck waiting time outside the terminal.

Offering a Common Integrated Platform Enabling Transparency

Kale offered a common portal to connect the entire suite of ERP applications in a single environment. By offering a common portal with integrations, all billing information and data records are made visible transparently to every single stakeholder. This transparency is delivering seamless data visibility among all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

This common portal was not only integrated with ERPs and Regulatory Single Window Systems but also with external applications such as SAP and other financial software to overcome billing cues that causes revenue leakage.


Measurable Impact

With the implementation of Kale’s Solution, the client could achieve significant gains in curbing revenue leakage as well as

  • End-to-end track and trace capabilities
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Improving operational capabilities
  • Paperless trade


Unique Functional Capabilities

  • Gateway to track shipment/container status and Facility to request and book shipments
  • View and pay invoices and get key reports
  • Customer Registration Request & Approval
  • Handling customer profiles and updates
  • Registration SLA Dashboard & Integration with leading financial accounting ERPs
  • Container Loading/Unloading, Advanced Container Yard Planning and Placement
  • Support for multi-modal operations
  • Enables General and Transit warehouse management and e-Docket facility for document sharing
  • Easy integration with leading financial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Ability to connect with leading airline and shipping lines
  • Support for strategic decision making through in-built Business Intelligence module
  • Management Information System (MIS) and operational reports

 Kale’s solution well suited our requirements and streamlined our operations seamlessly. This solution was implemented during Covid-19 pandemic, Solution implemented offsite by using Teams, GoTo Meeting and other video/voice calling application. The system went live in a short time with active management and team involvement.

This dynamic solution has enabled us to streamline our sales and operations significantly and achieve operational synergies..

– Chief Information Officer


About Kale Logistics Solutions

Kale Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted global IT solutions partner for several Fortune 500 companies worldwide, offering a comprehensive and award winning suite of IT solutions for the Logistics Industry. With in-depth domain knowledge and technical expertise, Kale offers IT enterprise systems and Cargo Community Platforms, which offer a single electronic window capable of supporting operational flows, percolating data to various stakeholders and facilitating paperless exchange of trade-related information between stakeholders.