Addressing ship-shore malpractices and safety with Maritime Single Window

Maritime Single Window

Addressing ship-shore malpractices and safety with Maritime Single Window


Several dubious practices are employed by various stakeholders involved in the maritime trade. Disputes can arise either by innocent mistake or deliberate attempts. The industry needs standardisation across all functions, and addressing malpractices in ship-shore operations is one among them. International Maritime Organization’s amendment to FAL convention in May 2022 came with five specific objectives. The most important is addressing and eliminating malpractices involved in ship-shore interface management.

Why do malpractices take place at Ship-Shore Operations?

It is a known fact that vessels require support from shore entities such as dry dock personnel, port authority to name a few. During this process, the intervention of illegal cartels is noted that leads to theft of Cargo and other irregularities. On the other hand, while handling hazardous Cargo it is essential that the crew as well as the shore support personnel are well-trained for safe operations. In case of any discrepancies, the entire ecosystem could become toxic and account for significant financial losses.

What does the mandate emphasise on?

The mandate embarks on a systematic approach towards eliminating these malpractices. According to this, the concerned governments as well as the regulators will be implementing preventive measures with an eye to strengthening transparency, accountability and integrity.

Role of Maritime Single Window in combating illicit trade

Use of Single Window platform helps in identifying malpractices taking place in the ecosystem with a transparent framework. MSW connects all inter-agencies like Customs, Immigration, Port Health, and other border security forces to share information prior to arrival-stay-departure of vessels and their cargo so that information discrepancy is null. Moreover, it also prevents the users from tampering any data/document submitted thereby preventing malpractices in the trade.

Deep tech innovations

Logistics IT solutions providers are offering maritime single window solutions that can address multiple criteria set by International Maritime Organization. These innovative single window systems are built with deep tech innovations such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and other cutting edge technologies. With these innovations, achieving transparency is 100 per cent guaranteed.

Digitising beyond Ship-Shore Operations

Industry experts consider the implementation of Maritime Single Window as a step towards accelerating digital trade facilitation in the maritime industry. While it is believed that digitising ship-shore operations will be a start to deep technological interventions in the Logistics industry, penetration of technology adoption is possible only when it is scaled across all maritime operations.