Archana Gupta – Women breaking all the odds | Women in Kale

Archana Gupta – Women breaking all the odds | Women in Kale

Implementing project management practices successfully in an organization by understanding industry best practices is a skill that only a few possess. And the ones who do so become the most unflinching leaders who show the way forward for the organization.

Archana Gupta, Project Management Head at Kale Logistics Solutions is one such professional. She joined Kale in 2016 and since then she is shaping project management practices proactively with her peers and team members. She was also actively involved in helping the organization to receive a CMMI Level-3 recognition and now soon to be Level-5. Here is her journey in Kale.

Initial days

“When I joined Kale, conceptually I knew about Project Management principles and Kale gave me the platform for the implementation of those principles. Looking at my profile, they chose me and believed that I could implement the industry best practices and let the company comply with global standards and improve customer centricity. While I was reluctant and naïve initially, my seniors and the management gave me the confidence. They gave me a free hand in executing the Project Management practices and so far with that motivation I have been able to do a lot more going the extra mile, “exclaims Archana.

Supportive teams and employee friendly management

Speaking about her fellow team members and the management, Archana says, “Initially, there were more men than women. However, I never found it different as all of them were pretty supportive and I hardly had any difficulty working around them. Speaking about management, I would say irrespective of the gender, they stand by what is right and ensure the same message goes to everyone.”

Work-life balance

“Within the team we coordinated with each other so that we all work efficiently everyday supporting each other. This way, we never felt the pressure. Hence it all went very much smoother. When either one i.e., your personal or professional life is balanced, everything else falls in place. Yes, as my work is well balanced, by personal life too got balanced simultaneously. In a nutshell, flexibility and accomodative nature helps in managing work and balance personal and professional life, “says Archana.

Women in the forefront

Talking about women leaders in Kale, Archana says, “Kale is a unique organization, which has more women leaders. And, in some teams, women lead the mantle and in some there are literally 99 per cent women. What is more interesting is that opinion given by women professionals (if they are well versed in their domain) are taken for consideration. Yes, we are looked upon for professional advice to bring in organizational transformation. This kind of practices could hardly be found in any company and for that matter I’m proud to be a Kaleite. And if I am to suggest Kale to my neighbour or a friend, I would site this one as a primary reason.”

Archana, the achiever

Conceptualising and executing excellence measures in an organisation is taken forward by self-motivated individuals. Archana Gupta is undoubtedly one of them. Her contribution to the organisation has been exemplary so far and it motivates every other Kaleite to go the extra mile.