Changing role of an Airport CXO and their perception

Changing role of an Airport CXO and their perception

Airports fulfil a dynamic purpose by stipulating a significant foundation of cross-border trade. The world just survived a major uncertainty in the form of the pandemic. If reports are to be believed a recession is looming in developed markets due to which the market conditions continuing to be volatile.

Innovation happens to be the focal area and technology adoption is seen as the primary means of achieving innovation. Therefore, the role of CXOs working in an airport or port is far more crucial. Right from strategizing fresh initiatives to improving efficiency and boosting cargo throughput, here are some points on the changing roles and perception of Airport CXOs.

Boosting cargo throughput

85 per cent of the time air cargo is waiting to be processed all the time. Moreover, this on average is a global phenomenon. If waiting times are streamlined across airports with single source of data, online documentation, pre-arrival notifications, advance truck slot management, e-approvals, and secured e-payments stakeholders can increase their cargo throughput by 50 per cent, say industry experts. Every airport CXO is behind achieving this number since the pre-pandemic era.

Improving operational efficiency

Increased stakeholder collaboration, innovation, agility, and digitalization are key priorities in air cargo. The exponential rise of e-commerce globally also propels airlines and other stakeholders to adopt end-to-end integrated Logistics solutions for delivering e-commerce shipments.

All this call for Cargo-friendly Airports that exemplify a cargo-centric approach in their infrastructure, digital platforms for cargo community collaboration and operations which focus on trade facilitation. Airport CXOs are keen on improving operational efficiency with technology adoption.

Going sustainable

Sustainability is now becoming core to airport operations. For long, the talks existed on sustainability and zero action took place. Industry experts believe that now is the time for action as carbon emissions are skyrocketing in air cargo as well as maritime. If not checked, these industries will perish in the future. Hence, CXOs are keen on reducing emissions on an airport level.

Future roles of Airport CXOs

With an ever-evolving landscape, CXOs in airports and ports have a major role to play now as well as in the future. Being prepared for supply chain shocks is something the world learnt through the pandemic. To ensure the same happens real time, it is essential that airports and ports continuously innovate and be prepared all time to face challenges.