Combating Lack of Cargo Visibility with Cargo Community Systems

Combating Lack of Cargo Visibility with Cargo Community Systems

Be it developing, developed or even third world countries. They all have lack of visibility as the most pressing issue in the Air Cargo ecosystem across the world. Of ocean, road and air, the latter seems to be the most preferred voiding the expense incurred. Thanks to its timely and super-fast delivery model. Somehow, like ocean cargo truck congestions and lengthy regulatory processes are slowing down Air Cargo operations.

Moreover, cargo handling in airports are divided into two i.e. land side and the air side. The latter is heavily guarded with security and hence knowing the operations gets difficult. This in turn leads to lack of visibility in Air Cargo. The same issue can be overcome if all stakeholders are connected in a unified system and that would be the Cargo Community System. Cargo Community System comes with a lot of benefits other than solving lack of visibility. Here are some of those:

Data accuracy

The most important of all functions is to avoid redundancies and inaccuracies in data. A major chunk of air freight handling gets affected due to inaccurate data submitted by freight forwarders. Customs officials make multiple request for accurate information and it has to come from different stakeholders. This in turn delays cargo shipment and if in case, it is a perishable or medicinal product, then there is a risk of expiry. But with an Airport Cargo Community system, all stakeholders are connected in one frame and approvals as well as corrections can be made instantly. In short, there is availability of accurate data with a community system.

Auto-generated documents

An Airport Cargo Community system comes with a Single window system for clearance and approval. For example, if there are 40-43 clearances to be obtained. All these authorities are already connected online in the community system and they’re compliant with all types of tools and systems. Therefore, they seamlessly connect with all of them and deliver approval/clearances instantly. In short, all functions are automated, and the stakeholders are connected in the same system. While all these operations are taking place, all stakeholders involved in the process can see what is happening where. This will ensure they don’t further delay operations from their end.

Integrates well with all tools and software

When we say a Cargo Community System, it could always mean that it comes with a host of software applications and tools. But the right community system will very well integrate with any kind of software, tools and applications. This is mandatory because, every single stakeholder might be using a tool or application already. Changing the system might cause generation of redundant information.

Therefore, it is highly essential to maintain an open ended Community system which could integrate with all World over, regulatory authorities are making it mandatory to have air cargo operations digitized. Choosing to digitise operations is highly essential at this stage as it could change one’s business prospects. Therefore, it is essential to have an air cargo community system in place and integrate it with the already existing software tools or applications. Apart from this, also read the impact of Corona Virus on world logistics.