Trade Facilitation Platforms Test – AWB

Facilitating e-AWB for Freight Forwarders, Cargo Ground Handlers & Airlines with up to 80% Cost Savings – Free Trial with No Obligations

Operations surrounding Logistics industry have evolved from only ‘Cargo’ movement to movement of ‘Information and Cargo’. It is a well-known fact that enormous amount of paperwork is generated in the logistics industry and humongous amount of administrative data entry work goes in moving a shipment from shipper to consignee.


This administrative work does not provide any value addition to an organization. Most logistics organizations would rather prefer to focus on value additions and get rid of administrative work.


In the recent times, emphasis on trade facilitation has been significant and this paved way for the need of single window systems. Regulatory agencies worldwide are finding new ways to keep cross-border trade transparent and secured for all entities. This pushes for a digitized solution that is capable of integrating standalone business functions and enabling all stakeholders to work in tandem to achieve the ultimate goal.


An efficient and time saving solution for all the administrative work pertaining to logistics is the need of the hour. Extracting data from key documents such as Air Waybill and converting it into EDI messages followed by sending unified information to electronically enable core business activities.


Kale offers an innovative PING service to generate electronic Air Waybill (eAWB). Through this, the forwarders and transporters can send .pdf copies of the electronic air waybill (MAWB/HAWB) to the platform to convert it into an EDI format.


Kale’s advance technology converts the .pdf into system data and after quality checks sends the AWB/MAWB/HAWB information (FHL/FWB) to the airline/cargo ground handler’s (GHA) system. Artificial intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology powers PING to covert legacy data to EDI with up to 99.5% accuracy.


The platform has processed over 1 million electronic air waybill thereby spearheading paperless and contactless trade practice. Also, the platform optimizes manpower cost and errors in data entry through this electronic air waybill. This ensures reduced truck wait time at the airport with advance shipment information for all Handlers, Airlines and others stakeholders.


Here are some Unique Functional Capabilities of PING Electronic Air Waybill Services

Document to EDI Conversion

Upload AWB on Portal

Advance Shipment Information

Cargo Track and Trace

Quality Check

e-Repository to save data for further use


Business Benefits

Reduce overhead costs and improve revenues

Focus on core business functions

Digitize operations

Increase productivity and improve customer focus

Gain competitive advantage

Paperless Trade

Improved Productivity & Increased Efficiency

Quick ROI

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