Meenakshi Nadkar – Women Breaking the Status Quo | Women in Kale

Meenakshi Nadkar – Women Breaking the Status Quo | Women in Kale

Age is just a number. Nothing can stop you from going ahead if you have the will to work and achieve something in your professional life. Some women leaders in Kale live up to these words, and Meenakshi Nadkar, Head of the Account Management team, is the best example. She comes with a media background and was on a sabbatical for over a decade.

Due to some unforeseen situations, she began working in Kale, and today she is the only female member sitting on the board apart from heading the Account Management team. Here is the journey of Meenakshi Nadkar.

A media career, sabbatical and joining Kale

Speaking about her journey so far, Meenakshi says, “I was working with the advertisement department of India Today Group some years ago. It was a customer-facing role, and I was completely immersed in it until I felt I needed a break. Later on, I went on to take a sabbatical for nearly 10-15 years.”

“However, things took a U-turn when my husband, Sumeet Nadkar, who was a Founding Member of Kale, expired. After that incident, I got an invite from Kale Logistics Solutions to work on Account Management and Marketing, “she added.

Initial days in Kale

“Coming from a media background and working in an IT company like Kale was like seeing two different worlds. However, the common ground in both roles was that my part was more customer-facing. Initially, I was involved in some Marketing activities, followed by Account Management. Two female colleagues heading both departments helped me understand the business, and I got along with them well. Even though they were younger than me, I always felt that learning is a continuous journey, and we can learn well with the help of our colleagues, “says Meenakshi.

Fellow colleagues, management support and Kale’s work culture

Exclaiming about Kale’s work culture, Meenakshi says, “There are few companies that deem women employees as capable, and Kale is one among those organizations. Here, women employees are in leadership positions as well as executive positions. They go for client visits for implementation and accompany a team of male colleagues for the feasibility study. This is possible because the management believes in inclusiveness and sees everyone as capable. If one has trouble understanding concepts, they receive complete support to grow professionally and deliver their best.”

Work-life balance and a safe workplace

Speaking about work-life balance, Meenakshi says, “Women employees elsewhere demand a little flexibility in certain instances. And Kale offers that flexibility to them. They draw maternity leave and a work-from-home option if required. Most live near the office, so transportation isn’t a big deal. But some come from faraway locations, and they find it hard commuting in monsoon or unforeseen conditions; they have the liberty to work from home.”

“Most importantly, Kale has a work culture that quickly addresses the grievances of women employees through the POSH committee. Kale does not encourage women to work till late at night. If in case somebody does it, they are required to ensure she goes back home safely. I was a member of these committees before, and we actively ensure that no woman stays longer at the workplace, “says Meenakshi.

Kale – The best place to learn and grow

“If I am to suggest Kale to a friend or a neighbour, I would say that the company offers opportunities for everyone to learn and grow. You’re encouraged rather than ridiculed, and the feeling of being taken care of is prevalent in women in Kale. Precisely, this could be the dream organization of any growing professional. In the case of women, the opportunities are enormous, “says Meenakshi.

Meenakshi Nadkar – The role model for women leaders

The willingness to learn and grow by breaking all the odds is a skill many of us lack. Meenakshi, a rather humble person, has got fire within her to achieve professional synergies. She is a role model for every individual. May her excellent work continue.