Michelle Eshiwani – Women Breaking all the Odds | Women in Kale

Michelle Eshiwani – Women Breaking all the Odds | Women in Kale

Proactiveness and agility is a skill that not everyone possesses. But the few who possess these skills go the extra mile and achieve great results. A study says that agility and proactiveness exhibited by a few actually drives innovation among fellow employees.
Michelle Eshiwani, Regional Consultant – Kenya is one such professional. She comes with nearly 10 years of experience in the IT industry. She worked with a world famous bank and a technology company based in Kenya. Here is her journey throughout these years and how she is proactively handling activities as a regional consultant in Kenya for Kale.

Beginning days in Kale

“When I began, it was all so grim. Even though I have worked in IT, here the industry that we are catering to is different. But the organization gave me full freedom to learn at my pace. Even though I was the sole regional representative in Kenya, the company believed in me and gave me enough freedom. This boosted my morale largely and even today I make decisions on behalf of the company here. This gives me so much confidence and I’m well prepared to take up a leadership role, “says Michelle.

Working with fellow colleagues in Kale

Speaking about working with colleagues in Kale, Michelle says, “Initially, I hardly understood the products. Some of my colleagues from India travelled to Kenya and the first day, they sat with me in a hotel lobby and explained about the functionalities of the product. I was petrified and I didn’t know if I could learn all these in a short span.” She further adds, “But, they motivated me well and explained it to me as simple as possible that I get a hold of it. Now when I look back, I see how long I have come. In three years, I got a hold of the products and I’m able to talk about the functionalities very well.”

Empathising with the clients

Speaking about the pandemic, Michelle said, “Pandemic was the most dreaded incident we all experienced so far. Friends and neighbours fell sick. In some cases, people also died while we thought they would recover and come back home. I came across clients who tested positive and were in complete quarantine for days. When they reported back to work or while they were working even during their quarantine period, I got to ask them – how are you today? Did you eat something? Such gestures help me build a good relationship with the clients, “says Michelle.

Work-life balance and more

“I often mention about working with Kale to my friends and I tell them that the company is far more flexible. Especially, for women it is well suited. I have seen colleagues who manage work and personal life very well in Kale. It is because the organization believes in every employee and offers them freedom to learn in their own pace. In today’s world, we require that empathy from your employer and Kale is great place for that.

Breaking all the odds

Michelle is a working professional who exhibits enormous agility and proactiveness in work. With such deterministic women on board, the company is achieving significant milestones in all aspects of work.