Need for a robust digital Marketplace in the Logistics industry

Need for a robust digital Marketplace in the Logistics industry

Cargo shipping in the coming 8 years is believed to grow hundred-fold. This is a sudden surge and this started reflecting in the recent past. Thanks to technology powered trade facilitation platforms. Companies in the logistics sector are counterbalancing the system difficulties, supply chain and payment methods to switch the current transportation situation from chaotic and disorganized to organized. Surprisingly, technological solutions have not taken the centre stage in logistics industry unlike in other industries. In the recent past, developments were quite promising and business leaders in this space have been pushing for merging e-marketplace with logistics.

The merging of e-marketplace and logistics can facilitate the smooth delivery and shipment of products in compliance with the customer’s requirements. Here are some unique features which technological solutions can offer for freight movement.

Scheduled delivery

empowers customers with picking an accurate date and time within which the delivery should be made. Some online websites offer a limited period between which customers can select their preferred delivery time.


stand for same and next day delivery, which are densely dispersed within cities of a higher economic system. The customer is generally based on convenience and efficiency, biased towards this option but from a logistics perspective it requires good and concrete planning and strategic operation. The operation involves achieving costs that are ideal, a hefty wealth of products must be placed under this section for maximum returns.

Slotted delivery

Delivery choices are expanding and the current Logistics allows customers to additionally choose a desirable delivery slot with a timing difference of 2-4 hours. Many companies follow the 2-4 hour variance along with a number of slots(mainly 4) a day. Companies must constantly update the availability of the slots for the upcoming immediate dates so customers are readily available and equipped to make an informed choice. Well, these features do say the capabilities of technology in simplifying complex processes. But the system must evolve as a better service system. Hence e-marketplace as a concept suggests some new perspectives and here, they are.

Open box delivery

Delivery tracking does not include the monitoring of the product condition during delivery. Unfortunately, this restriction opens the possibility of the products being susceptible to several physical damages that paves the path for product returns. The practice usually infects the market share while also tampering with the overall customer satisfaction. Neither can the customers be questioned in this condition and many products that were returned cannot truly confirm the extent to which a customer’s complaint was genuine.

To avoid the piling of such unwanted situations, e-marketing has newly introduced open deliveries. The concept circulates around the doable process of displaying the package to the customer before the purchase has been completed. The delivery mechanism is authorized with the customer’s signature, which assures the participation and agreement of the customer in the process and the commodity’s condition. The validity of the proof safeguarded with a hard copy or electronic signature nullifies any possible post purchase problems that may disregard the company’s name or brand’s identity.

Freight exchange and digitalisation

Marketplaces that are driven by cloud or a digitised approach are connecting demand and supply at a quicker rate. Contracting, delivering, paying and other logistics procedures that are flourishing on the digital platform and the participation of Logistics service providers to sustain the flexibility and competitiveness. Shipping of freight can be completed through a range of facilities that can smoothly transition and transmit with the support of Logistics brokers and suppliers.

Several customers attracting features such as transparent proposals, price performance ratios that are ideal and a secure system with certified member seals and promising ratings from members can be utilized. Digitising functionalities of transport while expanding the capacity of cargo is overlooked by the providers in the logistics department and the results can be better conceived with Logistics planning, communication, dispatching and adequate tools for tracking.

Hence e-marketplace will make the Logistics and supply chain industry much more simple. These are catered externally, and they can profit customers over unnecessary prolonged partnerships, cargo and freight capacity. It can be maximally utilized and the opportunity to digitally draw comparisons of quoted price systems allows transparency and smoother processing to customers. Also, know some of the logistics trends in 2020.