Priti Ujal – Women breaking the Stereotypes | Women in Kale

Priti Ujal – Women breaking the Stereotypes | Women in Kale

Nothing feels better than doing what people otherwise said you cannot do -Anonymous

The societal structure we live in today ridicules every single individual with stereotypes. And very few think of coming beyond these old-school thoughts and attempting to achieve something out of the box. However, such achievers always go through a path of horns and Priti Ujal, Senior Support Executive at Kale Logistics Solutions is one of them. She began her career as a cashier at a retail store in a large shopping complex, and then she thought of going beyond her comfort zone to develop skills to enter the corporate sector. Here is her journey with Kale Logistics Solutions.

The beginnings

Priti says, “it’s been a decade since I joined Kale. They hired me to do a Data Entry job for a client. Later, as the number of clients kept building, so did my work. At one point, they assigned me to handle customers, and that is where my experience of working as a cashier in a retail store came in handy and allowed me to understand the challenges faced by our clients. In the initial stages, I thought it was not my forte. However, as time passed, I got a better hold of how to do things better. It was the management and my seniors, who saw that potential in me.”

Working among men in Kale

“Those days, when the company was in the formative stage, one would find more men in the office. I would say 90 per cent of them were men, and I was among the few first women employees on top designated as Customer Support. But they all were fully supportive and showed great respect to women in the office. My seniors listened to my problems, and I tried to ease my work pressure. Contrary to an upheaval work environment in retail stores, here I felt much more comfortable, and a very encouraging environment due to which I could deliver better,” exclaims Priti.

Supportive team = Perfect work-life balance

Priti proudly says, “Unlike what I saw in my previous job, the work culture in Kale is quite healthy. Most importantly, women working here find it much simpler. In our team, we have the pressure to work 24×7, as we cater to different geographies with zero tolerance for error. But with constant coordination within the team, we can seamlessly manage the work pressure and address every client with the same efficiency.”

Promoting women@work

Talking about why women should join Kale, Priti says, “Throughout these ten years, I have always vouched for Kale and considered it as the best workplace for women. Why? The company has provided equal opportunities for women at all seniority levels, regardless of their marital status and having/not having children. The above factors do not limit women’s talent, ideas, potential, and work. We have an equal say in projects, and our views are equally respected.”

Priti, an achiever

We come across several individuals in our day-to-day lives. Everyone is striving hard to accomplish something beyond their comfort zone and is setting new benchmarks for growth. Priti Ujal is undoubtedly one among them. As a Senior Support Executive, she continues to inspire other women working in the organisation.