Priyanka Kapse – Women Challenging the status quo | Women in Kale

7 out of 10 working professionals acquire new skills that are beyond their understanding once they start working in a corporate environment. However, only a few of them successfully go ahead in their respective careers. One such working professional is Priyanka Kapse, Senior QC Associate at Kale Logistics Solutions. She has always delivered on time the best solution with near zero bugs, and went on to be one of the most celebrated member of the Testing team. Here is her journey at Kale.

First experience

“In my initial days, there were just two girls along with me in the testing team. This being my first job, I learnt everything on the go. However, I won’t say it was difficult as my manager was supportive and so were my developer colleagues. I constantly learnt and upgraded with the support of my manager, “says Priyanka.

Left all alone

“When both my female colleagues left, I was the only one in the testing team looking after all project requirements. I was doubtful initially and wondered if I can do it. But my manager’s confidence in me helped me perform well. On the other hand, most of my colleagues from development team and other teams too supported me well, “exclaims Priyanka.

Work life balance

Speaking about the ease of work and personal life, Priyanka says, “When I got married, the company helped me in all possible ways and that is the support every other girl will look for in an organisation. They eased my work pressure, ensured I leave on time, and gave me all the privileges. Beyond all this, they kept on motivating me to perform better.”

Why should one work for Kale

Speaking about suggesting Kale to another woman, Priyanka says, “There are very few organisations that actually support the growth of every single employee without putting pressure. Kale is one such organisation. There are abundant opportunities here to grow and shine. Therefore, one should never miss an opportunity to work for Kale in my opinion.”

Achieving beyond her horizon

The ability to perform despite personal battles is something very few professionals possess and Priyanka is one such professional who time and again has given her best. Moreover, she is upskilling herself on a regular basis to break her own records. Her contributions to the organisation has been commendable and she is a role model for upcoming women working professionals.