Renuka Malhotra – Women challenging the status quo | You grow as much as you learn

Renuka Malhotra – Women challenging the status quo | You grow as much as you learn

According to recent research, 62 per cent of the global workforce believes that learning is instrumental in achieving career success. Renuka Malhotra, a Communications Specialist at Kale Logistics Solutions, is among them. She started as a Project Management Associate and later transitioned to unleash her passion for writing as a Communications Specialist within the organisation. Here is her journey so far:

Initial Days

“From the outset, I was well-acquainted with the evolution of Kale’s developments. However, my active involvement commenced during a later phase when the Project Management team required additional assistance. Eager to immerse myself in this new role, my teammates graciously guided me through the intricacies of Project Management concepts. Embracing their support, I embarked on a journey of gradual contribution, finding my rhythm and pace within the dynamic framework of the project,” says Renuka.

Unleashing Her Passion for Writing

“One day, my Project Management colleagues followed my social media profiles and suggested that I unleash my passion for writing by joining the Marketing team as there was a need for a Content Writer. That marked the beginning of my journey in Kale as a Communications person,” Renuka exclaims.

She adds, “I wrote social media posts, press releases, newsletters, and much more. Despite my experience as a Journalist, I gradually caught up with the new trends in writing. Credit goes to my manager, who hand-held me completely and ensured I became accustomed to the new trends. Over time, I began to independently handle things, and I say it with pride that I’m much better than I was before.”

Working with Colleagues

Speaking about colleagues, Renuka says, “There is no question of colleagues not being supportive in Kale, as the organisation has a culture where everyone plays a part in fostering individual growth. In my case, they have been more than supportive. Not only do they go the extra mile, but they also take me along with them, and I evolve every time as a resourceful person. Even if you know nothing, you can learn and grow in this organisation.”

Work-Life Balance

“I do have health issues, yet I ensure I am at work every day, and the mere vibe at Kale enables me to do so. I can always finish my work on time and keep looking for more tasks. I credit my manager for creating this dynamic work environment,” says Renuka.


Endorsing Kale

“I always tell people in my circle to come and join Kale because I enjoy the work culture here completely. Every day, I interact with internal and external stakeholders, write newsletters, address customer queries, generate content, and much more. Over the years, I have evolved as an individual. Today, I know not only writing but also other aspects of marketing. Hence, I always tell them to join Kale and achieve a different level of growth.”

Renuka – The Continuous Learner

Renuka has held different positions over the years, and despite all those, she is contributing professionally to the growth of the organisation. Despite her limitations, she continues to contribute positively and evolves as a professional by constantly learning something new. She serves as an inspiration to other women employees in the organisation.