Sayali Patil- Women setting new benchmarks I Unwavering in the pursuit of knowledge Unyielding Dedication to Knowledge

Sayali Patil- Women setting new benchmarks I Unwavering in the pursuit of knowledge Unyielding Dedication to Knowledge

Throughout history, women have played a vital role in technology. From Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, to Katherine Johnson’s space calculations, made famous in the movie Hidden Figures, women in information technology paved the way for much of the tech power we take for granted today. Despite their foundational contributions, the tech industry remains disproportionately male-dominated, with less than 30% female representation. This gender gap underscores the need for introspection and action.
However, there are beacons of change, such as Kale Logistics Solutions, boasting an impressive 40% female workforce. By championing diversity and inclusion, companies like Kale are reshaping the future of technology.
Introducing Sayli Patil, a seasoned business analyst with a compelling career trajectory. Beginning as a Quality Analyst, her diligence and dedication propelled her to her current role. Sayli’s adeptness at identifying and analysing intricate business issues has cemented her as an indispensable asset, admired for her enthusiasm and insight.

Initial Days in Kale

She still remembers her early days, the excitement, anxiety, and challenges that came with her first job. After the initial hiccups, she grew confident enough to handle projects independently and prove her mettle. As a quality analyst, Sayli mastered all of Kale’s solutions. Her manager’s confidence in her abilities led to her solo customer onsite visits, a milestone for her. She not only managed the projects independently but also successfully launched them. This experience propelled her forward as she continued to visit various customers, earning respect and admiration from prestigious customers for her expertise and dedication.

Working with Colleagues

“Although I have worked with Kale for little more than three years, I have got the best work experience in Kale, from handling live customer sites independently to understanding customer’s needs; I have come a long way, says Sayli”. Gender biases never impacted her career at Kale; talent and hard work are the driving forces. In Kale, meritocracy prevails, empowering individuals to advance based on their abilities.

Work-Life Balance

“At Kale, we often have tight deadlines; balancing work and personal life is key. However, I have found a solution to manage my time efficiently by prioritising my weekends for my family. I dedicate late Fridays to complete tasks, ensuring weekends are for cherished moments with loved ones. An hour from Mumbai, our ancestral home provides the perfect escape for quality family time. On weekends, we all make sure to go there and meet my extended family, that’s my way of stress buster, and it helps me to unwind and recharge my batteries. When I return to work on Monday, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way,” says Sayli.

What makes Kale an employer of choice?

Sayli highly recommends Kale as an exceptional workplace for personal and professional development. “Some of my acquaintances have already become a part of Kale and have benefited from this unique learning experience; with Kale’s diverse learning opportunities, you can gain valuable insights and practical skills to help you achieve your personal and professional goals”, says Sayli.

In-depth knowledge is the key to success

Sayli aspires to become a subject matter expert, leveraging her QA and analyst skills. With Kale’s support, she believes in the attainability of her dream. “I’m resolute to excel in my domain,” she asserts, driven by passion and determination.