Sheereedah C – Women challenging the status quo | A journey of learning and growing

Sheereedah C – Women challenging the status quo | A journey of learning and growing

Logistics and transportation are some of the supply chain ecosystem’s most critical and complex components. However, unlike the IT or financial services sectors, logistics has never been a coveted industry, especially for women. Even today, the sector continues to be dominated by men.

Meet Sheereedah C, who works in our sister company in the USA, Kale Info Solutions, as Manager – Customer Service. As an active support agent for clients in the Americas, Sheereedah is responsible for providing online or offline support related to the products and services offered by our company.

She also conducts end-user training, oversees the implementation and adoption of our solutions, and coordinates with Kale Logistics to meet our clients’ needs. Moreover, she provides feedback to improve our products and solutions, ensures compliance with contractual support requirements and SLAs, generates leads and follow-ups for new businesses, and represents our company in trade events, exhibitions, and seminars.

Initial Days in Kale

As per Sheereedah, Kale is the perfect place for you to challenge yourself and unleash your true potential. Her excellent interpersonal skills landed her a role in the Kale team, and she understands the importance of her position in the company. Despite being new to her job profile, she quickly picked up the necessary skills and became a valuable asset to the company. Her contributions played a vital role in the success of the company.

Working with Male Colleagues

Sheereedah values leadership over gender when it comes to working with bosses. She believes that anyone, regardless of gender, can be a boss, but only a few can be true leaders. Working with a team is essential for moving forward smoothly, and Kale is the perfect place.

Logistics industry and Women 

Logistics, a male-dominated industry, is increasingly embracing women, who are now branching out into every domain of the field. Despite the challenges, women are making unbelievable progress by stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing growth. It’s inspiring to see that women are not afraid to take risks and are ready to shatter the glass ceiling in the Logistics industry.

Future with Kale

Kale is an excellent learning environment with wide and large graphics. Sheereedah believes it’s the perfect time to be in Kale because Kale’s trajectory will change in the next five years. Digitalisation of Logistics in the USA has been long overdue, and Kale has taken the initiative to lead the way.

Life of learning and growing

Sheereedah believes life is a never-ending journey of learning and growing. Every experience, whether good or bad, teaches us something valuable and helps us become a better version of ourselves. It’s important to embrace every opportunity to learn and keep an open mind, as this will allow us to grow and evolve. So, let’s make the most of this precious life we’ve been given and strive to learn something new every day.