40% Reduction in Operational Delays for a Leading Freight Forwarder in Mauritius

40% Reduction in Operational Delays for a Leading Freight Forwarder in Mauritius

Small Island with Large Opportunities

Situated on the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a small island country with large opportunities for the maritime sector. Ships travelling between Middle East, Africa, European and Asia Pacific often berth at Mauritius for transhipment. Port Louis, the major port in the country contributes 2% to the country’s GDP. In 2019, the cargo container capacity of the port stood at 1 million TEUs. Thus making it a strategic hub for export import operations.

An industry veteran seeking a Smart system for Scalable & Flexible Operations

Our client is an industry veteran with nearly four decades of experience in offering a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services which goes up to the optimum level. As the volumes began soaring high, scaling operations and capacity improvement was essential. But, a legacy system coupled with manual chores is a potential bottleneck causing significant operational delays. Added to this, manual functions also caused unprecedented data redundancies and errors which consumed hours of operations in paperwork alone and did cause revenue leakage over a period. Most importantly, there wasn’t a provision to facilitate communication within the organizational hierarchies which led to occupational hazards.

Transforming the Freight Forwarding Value Chain

The client requires a future-proof system to unify their operations at the terminal and ensure they looked at addressing

  • Disintegrated processes with manual operations
  • Revenue leakages with underutilization of resources
  • Real-time Business visibility being nearly zero
  • Need to improve scalability
  • Lack of Customs Compliance

Guaranteed Scalability & Flexibility with CORVI

Kale Logistics Solutions was seen as the go-to IT solution provider in Mauritius with its multi-modal digital capabilities focused on facilitating trade. CORVI, its erstwhile Freight Forwarding ERP system offers best-in-class modules to manage global operations in a unified form. Be it freight forwarding, sales & CRM, multimodal operations, document sharing, invoicing or EDI, CORVI manages every aspect singlehandedly and eliminates need of isolated systems to perform disparate forwarding functions. It thus ensures time-efficient, cost-efficient operations and improved bottom line results. With a singular platform, freight forwarders can assure their customers of escalated levels of service and transparency.

Unique Capabilities to Realize Synergies

  • Inbuilt sales and CRM modules optimise sales-related functions such as lead generation, setting sales targets, enquiry and quotation management etc.
  • Helps to manage customer complaints and feedback
  • Support for multi-modal operations
  • Enables General and Transit warehouse management
  • e-Docket feature facilitates document sharing within stakeholder network and online approvals
  • Easy integration with leading financial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Comprehensive expense management
  • Ability to connect with leading airline and shipping lines
  • Support for strategic decision making through in-built Business Intelligence module
  • Management Information System (MIS) and operational reports


Measurable Impact

With the implementation of CORVI, the client could achieve considerable Improvement in Productivity and also

  • 40%-50% reduction in operational delays
  • 20%-30% reduction in cost incurred
  • Scalable & Flexible Operations
  • Zero to Less Scope for Revenue Leakage

Business Benefits

  • Sales and operational control
  • Improvement in efficiency and productivity
  • Real-time visibility and status updates from multiple systems
  • Compliance control
  • Operational Visibility and Controls
  • Pro-Active alerts about shipment milestone
  • Informed decision making capabilities using Business Intelligence Tools
  • Quick ROI realization
  • Customer portal for complaints and feedback


“CORVI is the best solution that suited our requirements and streamlined our operations seamlessly. The system went live in a short time with active management and team involvement. Most of the features are in use which has helped us streamline our sales and operations. Now our system is well integrated and operations are smooth”

-Chief Information Officer