A Pinnacle in Global Aviation

A Pinnacle in Global Aviation


A Pinnacle in Global Aviation

Our esteemed client stands as a preeminent force in the global aviation industry, boasting an expansive fleet comprising both cargo freighters and passenger carriers. Notably, they specialize in the transportation of perishable and pharmaceutical cargo, underscoring their commitment to precision and excellence.


Efficiency Challenges in Delivery Order Generation

The conventional method of physically generating airline delivery orders consumed a staggering 3-4 hours, presenting a formidable challenge for seamless operations. This time-intensive process not only pertained to a single document but also contributed to accumulative delays caused by processing multiple shipments daily, leading to persistent backlogs.


 The Solution: Airline Electronic Delivery Order by Kale Logistics Solutions

Recognizing the pressing need for a streamlined solution, the Airline Electronic Delivery Order from Kale Logistics Solutions emerged as a transformative trade facilitation measure. This innovation marked the eradication of physical copies of delivery orders, aligning with the global shift towards paperless trade initiatives across various locations..


Swift Processing with a Cloud-Enabled Platform

Powered by a cloud-enabled platform, this solution provides a secure payment gateway for instant transactions. Global airlines can now generate delivery orders in a matter of minutes, drastically reducing waiting times, enhancing transaction control, and eliminating the need for cash transactions. The platform, meticulously crafted through interactive design principles, incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, fostering an unparalleled user experience.


What the stakeholders say

The Chief Information Officer lauds the transformation, noting, “Generating airline delivery orders in less than five minutes is making our process seamless, and we are able to perform much better. It is a chain reaction – delivery orders coming on time, productivity and efficiency improving followed by reduced dwell time. We foresee this application evolving into a community platform in the future.”

This testimonial underscores the positive ripple effects and future potential of this groundbreaking application in the aviation landscape.
-Chief Information Officer


Business Benefits

  • Higher cost savings
  • Delivery Orders generated in <5 mins
  • Lower shipment waiting time
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • CO2 Emissions Reduced
  • 98% Data Accuracy
  • Transparency in Overall Operations