Assisting the World’s Largest Ground Handler with 66% reduction in truck wait time across multiple locations in North America

Assisting the World’s Largest Ground Handler with 66% reduction in truck wait time across multiple locations in North America



A leading Ground Handler in the world 

Our client is a leading global ground handler with nearly 50+ locations in USA and  200+ locations worldwide. They specialize in handling general cargo, pharmaceutical shipments, perishables, express/e-commerce and dangerous goods. 


Truck congestion denting growth

Even though, the handler had all the resources they were  struggling with legacy systems that caused truck congestion at all these locations.

The congestion also caused other challenges such as bunching of truck traffic, lack of information for operational planning to handlers, paperwork at the airport, and visibility of airport operations to the stakeholders at all these locations.

With truck congestion flaring up to 8 hours on average during peak times, this was among the long pending challenges for the handler at the airport.


Wide-spread adoption

Integration of Kale Logistics Solutions’ Airport Cargo Community Systems’  (CCS) Advance Truck and Slot Management module with the handler’s state-of-the-art warehouse management system was deployed in a short span of time at multiple locations across USA.

Through  the handler was able to get advance information on cargo coming to the airport as well as get all documents online before shipment arrival. The system enabled them to view and manage the slots and docks for their terminals and perform Dock-In, warehouse Acceptance/POD and Dock-out events. 


100% adoption rate at a single location

The handler realize a significant improvement in cargo volumes and let the airport emerge as a hub for innovative activities post implementing the CCS solution. Moreover, this deployment with a 100 per cent adoption rate will enable the Airport to set sustainability benchmarks for airports globally.


Continued success and expansion

The deployment took place at a leading airport in the world followed by three more airports. With this Cargo Community System deployed, the handler at these airports is realizing enormous benefits. In the coming years, the handler is keen on deploying CCS at forty more locations across the USA. Other leading airports in North America are widely accepting CCS and realizing seamless reduction in truck congestion as well as improved efficiency.


360-Degree Benefit Realization

Kale’s flagship system allows the handler to use a single system to handle multiple airline customers in multiple facilities using one centralised solution, simplifying operational processes, training requirements, and maximizing efficiencies. It also incorporates import and export cargo and flight management, office and warehouse functions to communicate every cargo movement in real-time, and integrated e-Screening to ensure Federal Cargo Screening requirements are met and documented. 


Leveraging the power of futuristic technologies

Airport Cargo Community System from Kale Logistics Solutions is developed with cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. It offers predictive analytical capabilities to keep the stakeholders informed on various aspects. Some of them include identifying a  faster route to reach on time, making informed business decisions and especially to well plan resources. 

In addition to that, the platform was API integrated through which it was well connected with enterprise platforms for seamless and secured data capture. Through a smart slot and dock management system truckers can book time slots when there is zero or less truck congestion. The ground handler could well plan resources and be prepared to handle the incoming cargo movement. Also, payments can be made online securely.


What the stakeholders say

“The new ACS system is a great addition going forward. Drivers are now out of the complex in a timely manner which in turn helps us lower cost. Transition has been very smooth with all of the many training sessions that were made available during the roll out period. We cannot wait for WFS to bring this platform to other locations in the future.”

-Stakeholder 01


“Kale’s ACS is a money saving machine and will save you from all the detention. Our team is glad to be a part of this new system from day 1. It’s not time consuming, easy to book and truckers don’t have to wait in a long line, which we’ve been requesting for some time.”

– Stakeholder 02


“As a dispatcher for Five Star Freight Systems, it has been found easier and quicker to pick-up and drop-off freight at the terminal. Before, the terminal had their portal to set up appointments, it was long hours for drivers at the airline, but now, the most time they take is an hour to an hour and a half. If there are any complications with a specific freight, I would give a call the terminal and they would assist me in the quickest way possible.”

-Stakeholder 03


Business Benefits

  • Soaring Cargo Volumes
  • Well Streamlined Operations
  • Visibility on Cargo Movement
  • Reduced Paperwork
  • CO2 Emissions Reduced
  • 66% reduced truck wait time
  • Transparency in Overall Operations