Enabling Cost Reduction & Rapid Document Processing for a Leading European Logistics Service Provider

Enabling Cost Reduction & Rapid Document Processing for a Leading European Logistics Service Provider

Manual Air Waybill Issuance & Paper Touchpoints

Air cargo still relies heavily on paper documentation  for the exchange of shipment information. Each  international airfreight shipment can require more  than 30 different paper documents – increasing the  cost of airfreight and lengthening transport times.

e-Freight is an IATA initiative aimed at removing paper  documents from the supply chain and replacing the  same with digital information exchange. It is an  initiative developed with regional stakeholder  representatives to eliminate paper Air Waybill (AWB)  and replace it with electronic data interchange (EDI)  message formats.

An e-AWB (Electronic Air Waybill) significantly  simplifies the air-freight supply chain movement by  removing paper air waybill.


A Major Logistics Service Provider in Europe Demands our Support

Our client is a leading logistics service provider in Europe that organizes and coordinates transport operations, through the application of international commerce laws.

They also have wide presence in Asia Pacific region other than their wide spread presence in the European market.


Overcoming Manual Process &   Higher Costs Incurred

To reduce the heavy cost involved in documentation as well as to digitally

streamline the documentation process. Therefore, the initial step was to remove paper air waybill and enable seamless document exchange movement online.


PING from Kale Enables Seamless Process Streamlining

Kale offered PING, which is an innovative service to digitize the issuance of Air Waybill and comply with IATA’s e-Fright initiative. PING’s interface is a combination of Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). PING enables agents can directly submit information to  airlines for Master Air Waybill (MAWB) and House Air Waybill (HAWB) in conformance to  the requirements.

Forwarders or truckers can send .pdf copies or emails of the air waybill details to the PING portal. PNG’s Document to EDI Converter Service extracts data  from documents like commercial invoices, packing list, Air Waybill, and converts the same into EDI  messages, which are auto-transmitted to airlines, and other entities in the supply chain.

As the process was completely automated, it avoided any paper exchange or physical visits to the Airline office.


Unique Functional Capabilities

  • Send AWB PDF copy on e-mail
  • Upload AWB on the Portal
  • Document to EDI Converter Service
  • Quality Check
  • Advance Shipment Information
  • Cargo Track and Trace Service


Measurable Impact

  • Significant Cost Reduction
  • Reduced Manual Data Entry
  • Higher Data Accuracy
  • Lower Time Involved in Documentation
  • Seamless Information Processing


Unique Measurable Benefits

  • Zero Redundancies
  • Cost Reduction
  • Real-time visibility
  • Round the Clock Customer Support

“With Kale Logistics Solutions, we found a lot of benefits and through this we could do a lot of improvements to our internal processes. All our internal processes are now easy because of Kale Logistics. We just have to send a PDF copy of the e- Air Waybill to Kale Logistics who then transmit it as an EDI message to the airlines. Also, we avoid some of the costs spent on manual document generation and that savings is very essential for our company. Another important point is the customer service. With the PING team, Kale Logistics provides very good customer service. They are fast, efficient and every time you have a problem you can just send them an email. In few minutes, they will respond to you.”

– IT Manager